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Açaí Verão

March 12, 2023

Walked down to Morning Bar. Google maps not 10 minutes from Acropoli Metro Station, then back to Açaí Verão.

I tried one of their Açaí bowls. Excellent dessert.

Taf coffee reasonable, could do better.

Where does the Açaí come from? Rainforests cleared for plantation, grown wild?

Environmental credentials leave a lot to be desired. Plastic bowls, takeaway cups.

Wrong location. Need outside seating.

Frenzy coffee shop

March 11, 2023

Speciality coffee in Glyfada.


March 8, 2023

On leaving The Place I was slightly lost, and as a result stumbled upon Spook, coffee shop cum cocktail bar.

I was going to have a coffee, but noticed Czech beer. I settled for beer, then another.

I noticed the coffee was what they sourced in the excellent coffee shop in Exarchia Square.

Downside hard surfaces, noisy.

Tailor Made

March 2, 2023

Yesterday, second day open.

I was disappointed my cappuccino.

Excellent range of tea. Very precise brewing , temperature of water, weight of tea, time to brew.

A row of cold brew towers on the back shelf.

Not yet fully operational, only second day open.

A cluster of three excellent coffee shops just off Ermou:

– Just Made 33

– In Love Again

– Tailor Made

Little Tree cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl

February 24, 2023

Little Tree, bookshop cum coffee shop behind the Acropolis Museum.

Service is always bad, but lazy waitress this aftenoon was in another league.

Long wait to order, long wait before soup arrived, then time stretched to infinity before I was able to order a yoghurt bowl.

I wished for a coffee, but could not face another long wait.

I thought she had gone on strike. Sat at a table smoking with friends, the smoke blowing in my face.  She got up,  I thought maybe taking a break. But no, serve one table, then sit and smoke with friends.

A pity the service so appalling as my cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl with honey and nuts were excellent.

I then went to Makrianni 3 for a coffee where the service was bad, though not as bad. I got up and walked out. I never did get my coffee.

Makrianni 3 cappuccino

February 22, 2023

On exiting Acropoli Metro, I sat outside late with a coffee until they closed.

Lot 51

February 22, 2023

On visiting Alexandra General Hospital, I noticed Lot 51 was around the corner.

Curious, was it the coffee shop for roastery Area 51?

My hunch proved to be correct.

It was packed and in darkness. Loud music thudding out.

Barista could barely hear my order. The music was turned up twice.

I sat where it was open, not to infect anyone.

I bought a bag of coffee beans. They waived the cost of the coffee because I bought a bag of beans. Always worth asking.

I crossed the road to the Bread Factory to obtain something to eat. Again ensuring I sat outside.

Cupaki Street Espresso

February 19, 2023

Passing by on leaving Exarchia, I noticed the equipment, and decided to pop in.

Stunning barista, friendly, and she brewed excellent coffee.

Sunday, apart from Exarchia Square, nothing open. I would have passed by, but for noticing the coffee equipment.

Four excellent coffee shops within spitting distance (but please do not spit).

– Kolor
– Taf
– Cupaki
– Mr Bean

Behold TheMan

February 19, 2023

Excellent coffee shop in Exarchia Square.

No surprise very busy, vibe, excellent coffee and a lovely sunny day.

My cappuccino was excellent. Sufficiently so, I asked of the beans and bought as bag.

On paying I picked up a biscuit only to learn it was a dog biscuit.

Mokka cappuccino

February 18, 2023

As always an excellent cappuccino at Mokka.

A very pleasant warm sunny day.

Apart from the traffic pollution, pleasant to sit outside until the sun vanished be behind the buildings opposite.

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