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Takeaway coffee Mind the Cup

November 29, 2020

Friday three weeks ago, a cool day, no sun, a gale blowing, a day for the Metro and the suburbs. Last day of freedom, Saturday lockdown and would not be possible a trip on the Metro as only permitted exercise locally.

After a trip out to Eat Me and Kudu, passed back through Syntagma and headed out to Peristeri.

Peristeri full of life, an orderly queue for a book shops, contrast with Plaka deserted.

I look in Cashew which I had not seen before, coffee shop with nuts and druid fruit, I headed to Mind the Cup.

To Mind the Cup, a takeaway coffee and a bag of coffee.

As with The Underdog last year and now Kudu, Mind the Cup also coffee in Nespresso capsules.

Crop Roastery

November 27, 2020

Three weeks ago Wednesday I chanced up Crop Roastery, a little kiosk I had not seen before down a side street off Ermou.

I stop and have a long chat with the guy serving. I do not have a coffee but tell him I will pop back another day and have a coffee.

I pick up Athens in a Cup, not as I think a guide to coffee shops in Athens, a flyer for an app that is a guide.

The following day, walking through Ermou, having found Just Made 33 and Peek a Bloom closed, I decide to stop by, have a coffee and continue our conversation.

Disappointed to find the knowledgeable guy his day off, nevertheless I stop and have a coffee.

Disappointed, a not very good coffee.

Being a kiosk, not affected by closure of bars, restaurants and coffee shops earlier in the week. When I pass by a few days later, Athens in lockdown, I find Ermou deserted and Crop closed.

Cultivos Coffee

November 25, 2020

I was lost, or at least I was in an unfamiliar street and that was how I chanced upon Cultivos.

A sign outside Elida Estate Panama Coffee of the week, a single estate coffee. The chase on as Sherlock Holmes would have said to Dr Watson.

The coffee was supplied by Taf, impressive equipment, even had the pour over designed by Stefanos which I have only seen at Taf, not though ever in use.

Did I want a coffee?


Partly I lacked the time but mainly due to the location.

Ambience inside pleasing, but lockdown, canot sit inside.

It would be difficulty to imagine a worse location for a specialty coffee shop, where sit and relax with hopefully excellent coffee served in glass or ceramic, a narrow uphill street, narrow footpath, traffic nose to tail belching out obnoxious fumes, and very noisy.

Looked on-line to learn a franchise, inspired by Taf, whatever that means. Marketing bullshit, little lese. A chain of maybe a dozen coffee shops.

I was not sure where I was, I was lots, but checking on line, I think I was at the coffee shop listed as Syntagma.


November 22, 2020

On a visit to Infinity Foods Saturday of last week I noticed on the shelves a coffee I had not encountered before, Wolfox. Not that I would buy coffee from Infinity Foods, not when spoilt for choice in Brighton and the coffee will be freshly roasted.

Sunday the following day I passed by their coffee shop.

Wolfox Coffee. New. I have never noticed before. I saw their coffee in nearby Infinity Foods on Saturday. Claimed to be specialty coffee. Girl did not know q grade. But she brewed an excellent coffee.

I picked up a bag of coffee. A criticism, coffee when the coffee roastery, should be freshly roasted. Most of the coffee on sale was roasted in October. No excuse for this, the coffee should be rotated.

I picked up a bag roasted November.

The walnut coffee cake looked good. It was not. I should have known better. It was vegan and vegan cakes are nearly always disgusting.

A couple of days later I revisited Wolfox and had take away vegetable soup. Not hot, warm. but tasty. Not the weather for sitting in the street with a takeaway.

Black Mocha revisited

November 22, 2020

A couple of years ago, not long opened, I had a coffee in Black Mocha.

I was not impressed.

Saturday of last week I looked in and said I would give then a second chance.

Sunday, the following day, I returned.

I picked up a bag of of coffee from Cast Iron Roasters.

I am asked of chocolate. I again recommend Bare Bones, Bullion and Luisa’s. Local? No. Local has merit but never at expense of quality.

My takeaway coffee was reasonable, far better than my first visit, definitely heading in the right direction. Not in the top league in Brighton but getting there.

Bread & Milk

November 21, 2020

Last Saturday finding Coffee at 33 closed, it closes at three, I decided to try Bread & Milk a little further down the street.

I once decided not to have a coffee at Bread & Milk, I cannot recall why. Coffee from Pharmacie. A good sign. Loud music not. Covid-19 death trap. I tell girl too loud. She cannot hear me.

Girl clueless on coffee. Chocolate dumped on top. I take it back. She argues with me. My fault for not telling her. My fault that she is clueless on coffee and I failed to second guess. Coffee hot, too much froth and foam. Quality of beans manages to prevail but not doing Pharmacie any favours.

Ambience pleasant, apart from girl serving, let down by lack of a skilled barista to do justice to the beans.

Note: As I learnt the following day, I confused with a different place of similar name, Milk Not Sugar. Not specialty coffee as sign suggests, once was, now Vietnamese food and coffee Vietnamese style with condensed milk (yuk).

Coronavirus biosecurity poor. Door open keeping well ventilated, restrictions on numbers, but loud music blasting out, refusal to acknowledged a problem, let alone turn it down, turning Bread & Milk into a coronavirus death trap.

The Third Room

October 21, 2020

En route to Koffea from Lazaris I go on a little detour and encounter a coffee shop The Third Room. I stop and have a coffee. Coffee not good. Not bad, not undrinkable like Costa or Starbucks but not good either.

Design contemporary, part of a boutique hotel.

I ask is it third wave, as definitely not? Guy does not hear me due to awful moronic loud music. I say I will sit outside and can talk to me there.

When coffee arrives, with a glass of water and two tiny little biscuits, thus service good (unlike Athens in Cyprus water never brought without asking) I explain music too loud and must be turned down, 30x covid-19 ejected at high velocity across the room straight into his face. I am thanked and music turned down.

Coffee not good, I leave it cup half full.

Asked what I think of the coffee I say not good. A sour taste though I cannot pinpoint what is wrong. I suspect the beans and recommend source better quality beans.

Currently source coffee beans from Jasmine a local roastery. Sourcing locally, supporting local producers, the circular economy, is always to be commended, but not at the expense of quality.

I ask of the name. Not third wave, maybe third place, nether home nor office. No, coffee shop during the day, cocktail bar at night. Though that is two not three.

I am fascinated by what appears to be an avocado growing as very difficult to grow. I want to inquire more but distracted by our discussion and it slips my mind.

Guy asks can I return and discuss coffee. Not very likely as lack the time otherwise maybe yes.

Later I have a coffee at Paul’s Coffee Roasters. A world of difference good coffee and skilled barista makes.

Covid-19 biosecurity good, apart from loud music which was then turned down on request. Open and airy, open to the street, clean, outside seating, staff wearing masks correctly (which is more than can be said of most places).

Improve the coffee and this will be an excellent addition to the Larnaca coffee scene hidden in the back streets of Larnaca.

Nick’s Coffee Bike

October 8, 2020

Once upon a time there was a bicycle strictly speaking a tricycle if wish to be pedantic parked outside Larnaca Marina serving coffee, the best coffee in Cyprus let alone Larnaca.

Alas no more, the bicycle has been retired. But all is not lost, the bicycle is parked up in a coffee shop of the same name. A coffee shop that sets new standards for Cyprus.

Auction House

July 22, 2020

On my last visit to Louth a year ago I noticed Auction House, it had not long closed. A pity, it would be an ideal coffee shop, was my thought at the time.

Today, one year on market day I noticed it was open. New owners. A coffee shop of sorts, also serves food.

I asked of their coffee.

Alvingham Coffee Roasters, who I had never heard of. A local roastery.

I said I would pop back after a wander around.

I popped back, did not fancy sitting upstairs, an enclosed space, downstairs, no one seemed in any hurry to leave.

Eventually what I had ordered arrived. Did I wish to eat outside? I did not know they had outside seating.

Outside seating  was located across the street in the market square. But only on market days.

Gammon and chips and garden peas and a duck egg. I did not wish for the egg. Gammon was reasonable and a good-sized portion, maybe could have been cooked a tad more. Chips excellent. Garden peas? Grown in their garden? Not fresh podded peas that was for sure.

I then ordered a cappuccino. I had noticed earlier one carpet bombed with chocolate. I said no chocolate.

Served in a cup size too large, poor quality coffee.

Depressing they are sourcing poor quality coffee, as with the right equipment, competent baristas and sourcing high quality coffee, could be an excellent little coffee shop in a prime location overlooking the square.  Commendable to source local, but not if poor quality coffee. I would suggest they check out Seven Districts, Outpost Coffee, Cartwheel Coffee,  The Blending Room and Dark Woods.

On the window coffee cocktails, or maybe it is either or. No way could make coffee cocktails with the poor quality coffee they are sourcing. For cocktails would need top quality single origin coffee.

They need outside seating. Today was market day.

Why is the street not pedestrianised?

They need to apply for outside seating. Once legalisation passed, currently on its Third Reading, apply to local district council, for Louth East Lindsey, the council has to respond within 15 days. If the council fails to respond, have requested seating by default.

As with other coffee shops and tea shops on limited hours. People will not feel safe until they can be served outside, and even that may not be sufficient to entice people out.

Saw Grinders Union

February 6, 2020

Saw Grinders Union a coffee shop and bar located in Globe Works on Kelham Island.

A few minutes walk from Cutlery Works, if know the way.

Down a muddy alley running alongside the River Don, twists and turns down the deserted cobbled backstreets of Kelham Island.

On offer Extract Coffee. I have never been impressed with Extract, I chose one of the guest coffees, an espresso roast from Workshop as a cappuccino. The other guest coffee was Grumpy Mule.

My cappuccino not great somewhat weak and insipid.

Saw Grinders Union only been open a few months, still finding their way.

Knowledgeable barista, knew her coffee and coffee shops. Previously had worked in Australia and Upshot Coffee.

She asked of my favourite coffee shops in Sheffield. Marmadukes and Steam Yard, also Upshot Coffee.

I suggested she visit Coffee Aroma and Madame Waffle in Lincoln,  The Perky Peacock and Kiosk in York.  I could have added Cartwheel Coffee, Outpost Coffee and The Specialty Coffee Shop in Nottingham.

She then kindly walked outside with me and pointed me the way to catch the tram back into the city centre and to the train station.

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