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Prayer Station

August 12, 2017

A strange art exhibition in Farnham Parish Church entitled Prayer Station.

The idea is, if I understood it correctly, to pause and reflect, meditate, at each prayer station. Each prayer station being a collection of objects.

One was ribbons, one  an assortment of objects, another a labyrinth (only it wasn’t).

The first prayer station shoes scattered on the floor. Somewhat dumb, walking into a gloomy church from bright sunlight, not seen. Ideal trip hazard. A nasty accident waiting to happen.

There was also a couple of paintings, that lacked titles or attributed to any artist. Whether part of Prayer Station was not clear though appeared to be part of the exhibition by association.

Labyrinths were quite common with Medieval churches not to be confused with a maze.

A labyrinth was an aid to meditation


Love and Light

July 25, 2017

Art exhibition in Cafe Mila in Godalming.

Art by Julie Smallwood.

Boulangerie Bon Matin

July 4, 2017

A coffee shop  cum fancy cake shop in Finsbury Park.

What does it say of nitro cold brew coffee when have to add syrup?

What does it say when it needs a whole page ad in Caffeine to promote the ghastly stuff?

Matter of personal taste, come and visit us.

A trek on an awful jammed-in-like sardines Tube journey from Covent Garden, when I could have relaxed in Monmouth Coffee where guaranteed a decent coffee.

A pleasant job done on the interior, but sadly not coffee to match.

Stripped back bare  brick walls out the back, at a  guess a covered in yard. In many ways though a pity as no outside seating out the back.

Interesting art by David Bage on the walls, though only interesting because copies of original works, and it is difficult to see how an unknown artist can justify prices in excess of £200 for copies of originals.  A bit like being stopped in Puerto de la Cruz by illegal immigrants and being asked for twenty euros for a  fake Rolex (which they insist is the real thing).

A cappuccino ordered. Cappuccino with coffee dumped on top, immediately sent back.

What then came not a lot better.

No cookies. I ordered a chocolate brownie. It was not good. I asked was it vegan, as that often explains why not good. No.

Food looked decorative, though nothing to say what it was, or the price.

I asked to see the coffee they used.

Italian coffee, catering supply.

When are coffee shops going to learn? If you want to serve good coffee, source quality beans, employ a skilled barista. There is no excuse for importing rubbish coffee from Italy, when there are excellent coffee roasters in London.

Try The Deli at 60, far better coffee and cakes.



November 27, 2016

Arte en si mismo.

Nudo ancestral.

Artist in Roman Agora

October 17, 2016

artist in Roman Agora

This girl was producing an excellent sketch in her sketch book.


July 23, 2016


Rooted, an art exhibition in St Mary’s.

Very much influenced by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

Unfortunate too many of the displayed works covered in glass, making impossible to see.

Los animales siempre representan una parte de nuestra vida

March 7, 2016
Los animales siempre representan una parte de nuestra vida

Los animales siempre representan una parte de nuestra vida

Art exhibition, portraits of people and animals.

Artista: Anna Rita Dallolio.

Exposición en: La Ranilla Arte-Cultura.

The Unfinished Painting

May 26, 2015
Rock painting from The Lascaux Caves, France

Rock painting from The Lascaux Caves, France

“And now I think the things that matter are unfinished paintings that everyone creates and no one owns. Rather we are created each time we touch the breath of being, and we are connected to everyone who ever lived each time we add a stroke. And sometimes we are briefly aware that we are living parts of the most elemental community of all, the community of life force that moves through everything.”

— Mark Nepo: “The Unfinished Painting,” from Parabola, Volume 36, No 4., Winter 2011: “Many Paths, One Truth.”

Art belongs to all. Copyright kills creativity.

Local Architecture in Watercolours and Prints

April 24, 2015
R H Foster

R H Foster

Local Architecture in Watercolours and Prints is an exhibition at the Guildford Institute by Susie Lidstone.

The exhibition captures in watercolours some of the wonderful buildings on the Surrey-Hampshire border.

A pity she had not painted The Tumbledown Dick before it was destroyed for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

Each painting has a few notes about the building, who owned it and how it came to be painted.

It was unfortunate the paintings were obscured by glass, reflections from the windows and lighting.

Why, oh why, oh why, do artists not know how to display their work to best effect?

The cobbler, R H Foster no long exists. It was a shop of many generations in Downing Street in Farnham next to the greengrocer (which does still exist). The last in the line asked that the shop be painted before it closed for the last time.

Arte en Violeta

March 5, 2015
Arte en Violeta

Arte en Violeta

Arte en Violeta

Arte en Violeta

Exposición Arte en Violeta por Alicia Borges.

This evening was the opening night, an introduction by one man, a few words by another man, then a dozen words by Alicia Borges, followed by a long rambling speech by the first man, until he was inturpted by another man, and that was it.

What was strange was Arte en Violeta is art dedicated to the woman.

Any one painting, was not much, but going around the room they told a story of a polluted planet, rubbish in the sea, oil pollution, rising sea levels, melting ice sheets and global warming.

Alicia Borges is an illustrator. Could be illustrations for a children´s book, maybe is. Or could well easily illustrate a book about global warming. I only wish I had discussed with her.

The paintings were covered in glass, which did not show them at their best.

Available for sale at only five copies each, surprisingly low price of 45 euros each.