Damp cold November afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

A not very pleasant afternoon, cold and damp.


A Christmas market in Princess Gardens. Tat and junk food and a coffee stall with catering supply Italian coffee. I then found more stalls down Union Street.

Lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant.

I had learnt of a new coffee shop and headed down Union Street. Not open, though I did not have time to stop.

More stalls of tat. Another coffee stall. They refused to say the coffee they were using. Obviously not aware of transparency in coffee.


Christmas market in Gostrey Meadow packed, could not move, gave up trying to wind my way through Gostrey Meadow. In another league to the tacky Christmas market in Aldershot.

Found my way back to The Coffee Can, a coffee truck I had found on Thursday.

Now able to fight my way through the crowds.

Not what I expected to fund, a bakery stall.

Electric Cycle Cafe packed. I go in to warm up. Excellent espresso. Interesting conversation with young barista from Singapore. Owner tells me he has sold two bicycles in last two days.

— to be continued —-

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