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Aldershot Labour tried very hard not to win an election

June 11, 2017

Aldershot is a run down town, more like a large inner city. Prime picking for Labour one would have thought when Theresa May called an unnecessary General Election.

Labour in Aldershot ran an atrocious campaign. They tried very hard not to win.

Local candidate, local party, leader of local party, did an excellent job to work really hard not to win an election.

A useless candidate, and little evidence of any campaigning.

But when you look at their local councillors, easy to see something very wrong.

The only reason these useless candidates get elected is that they stand in slum estates where the electorate, when they can be arsed to vote, vote Labour as a knee-jerk reaction.

A complete failure to make use of social media, both by the candidate and leader of the local party.

Where were the posts of Jeremy Corbyn addressing mass rallies, John McDonnell making excellent economic points, the videos produced by Momentum?

The only video posted, of Dan Jarvis, who for some perverse reason was invited, the same Dan Jarvis who had been calling for Jeremy Corbyn to go. I say invited, not invited to visit, invited to post a message, that is so lacking in enthusiasm, it is palpable.  A video that was going to go a long way to obtain votes, I think not.  But if nothing else, illustrates how bad their use of social media, if this was the best they could do. And sadly it was.

But then this local party was one of the few not to support Jeremy Corbyn

Local activists did more on social media than the entire local party.

The candidate was not even local, parachuted in from outside.

Where Jeremy Corbyn inspired people, the Aldershot candidate generated as much enthusiasm as a wet dishcloth.

It could though have been worse, neighbouring Fleet the candidate was one of these useless local councillors.

To show how bad these councillors are, at least two have used social media to attack and abuse local activists who support Jeremy Corbyn.

The useless councillors would argue the Labour vote increased. Whilst this is correct, it should be noted the Tory vote has been on a  downward trend. Any increase in the Labour vote is entirely due to the efforts of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Momentum, and the work of local activists.

Aldershot Labour would form an excellent case study in how not to win an election.

If a second General Election is called this year, which is a real possibility, the candidate needs to be someone from Momentum, an activist, a candidate with vision and drive and charisma, who is known on the streets and has the ability to communicate and connect with people.

Food waste by Morrisons

September 15, 2016

Morrisons Cafe in Aldershot, used to late afternoon, mark down their cakes to ensure none left.

Not anymore. Now official edict, no cakes to be reduced until last hour.

Staff used their initiative, judged when to mark down the cakes. They shifted the cakes, no waste.

But it appears, initiative is not welcome in Morrisons.

An overpaid fool descended on the local Morrison store, threw a wobbly when he saw cakes reduced half an hour before the official sanctioned mark down time.

Now one would think, this overpaid fool would have better things to occupy his mind, like service, strategy, that the food served in this cafe is often disgusting, but no, cakes reduced half an hour too early. He should have been praising the staff for showing initiative, not criticising.

For the sake of making the price, Morrisons would rather see food waste than stock cleared.

Basingstoke Silver Band

August 27, 2016
Basingstoke Silver Band

Basingstoke Silver Band

Passing through Aldershot on the way to Farnham, a brass band in the bandstand in Princess Gardens, Basingstoke Silver Band.

An elderly gent and a couple of others.

I felt sorry for the brass band, having come all the way from Basingstoke.

Does no one understand publicity?

Step by Step charity event in Princess Gardens

August 13, 2016
farm stall at Step by Step

farm stall at Step by Step

On my way to Farnham, stopped off at Princess Gardens in Aldershot to see what was happening.

Charity event by Step by Step. Not many people there. But lack of publicity, what to expect?

A farm had a stall. I suggested Guildford farmers market, especially as many of the stalls have pulled out. Their sausage at £2 was quite good.

I saw no information explaining what Step by Step was or why they were there. What little information I gleaned was from the farm stall grilling sausages on a hot plate.

Aldershot Live Music Day

July 23, 2016
Aldershot Live Music Day acoustic set

Aldershot Live Music Day acoustic set

An annual event. usually rubbish, and today no exception. Well to be fair, marginally better than in the past.

Three stages, the bandstand in Princess Gardens, pedestrian street outside Costa, and Wastegate.

Aged rockers at the bandstand, could at least play, guy on acoustic guitar outside Costa could not.

As always, badly organised.

Why are no lessons ever learnt?

No publicity. Nothing in the town, other than at the bandstand to announce the event.

Why three stages, when not enough talent for one?

If three stages, one should be an acoustic set outside Caffe Macchiato, not at Wastegate.

Restrict to bandstand only, or if wish to have s second set, then an acoustic set outside Caffe Macchiato.

People handed out bottled water. A good idea, only not the organisers, a promotion by Specsavers.

Why not have street food in Princes Gardens?

And please not the pink ice cream van belching out toxic fumes at toddler height.

And to empathise further the bad organisation, timed to coincide with a three day event at the West End Centre.

If this festival is to continue, rather than waste public money, hand whatever is the budget to West End Centre and ask them to organise.

Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

June 27, 2016
Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

Two weeks ago in Lidl, boxes and pallets everywhere in the aisles. Quite dangerous. The usual piss-poor service.

Last week, again piss-poor service.

Today, pallets and boxes in the aisles, though not as bad as two weeks ago.

I pushed boxes to one side to stop people tripping, and explained to the shop girl, she should not be leaving boxes in the aisle, someone could trip.

They have got eyes have they not, was the response.

Do their staff have no health and safety training?

I explained to the girl, if someone tripped, she was liable, as was the store.

Once again the usual piss-poor service.


Poundland asbestos hazard

June 27, 2016
Poundland Aldershot

Poundland Aldershot

Why was one of the aisles in Poundland blocked off?

I asked.

The ceiling had collapsed, and asbestos had been exposed.

I was horrified. Why was the store open putting staff and customers at risk?

The store should be closed, the risk assessed, and not reopened until the asbestos is removed.

Piss-poor service at J D Wetherspoon

June 27, 2016
gammon steak, mash and peas

gammon steak, mash and peas

A couple of weeks ago at The Queen Hotel in Aldershot, I had a rump steak. It was excellent.

Last week, gammon steak. It too was good. I asked did it come with anything? I was told no. I was thus annoyed to find it came with two fried eggs, as I would have chosen something else.

Today, at The Queen Hotel, I ordered gammon steak, but this time asked for something else instead of eggs. For example peas or mushrooms.

I sat and waited. From where I was sat I could see a dinner sitting by the kitchen. Why was no one bringing it to a table? Was it mine? Several minutes passed by. A man and a child sat at a nearby table. They had to clear the table. Should I go and ask? Eventually it was brought over having been stood for several minutes. Part of the gammon steak was dried up,  the meal was not hot. I guess I should have rejected it.

Whilst I was eating my dinner, no one cleared the tables, now piled with dirty dishes, empty glasses. I noticed other dinners sat by the kitchen, no one collecting.

No one asked how was my dinner.

The pub was not busy.

Service is not usually bad like this. Something going very wrong.

J D Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin needs to investigate.

Grasshopper Delicatessen

June 19, 2016
Grasshopper Delicatessen selection of juices

Grasshopper Delicatessen selection of juices

Aldershot is infamous for its disgusting fast food outlets. Not somewhere would expect to find a quality food outlet.

Therefore to find Grasshopper Delicatessen a pleasant surprise indeed.

A range of foods, much of which are organic.

They also serve a variety of freshly made fruit juices, depending upon what is in stock.

My favourite, zinger.

What is also an excellent idea, they recycle jam jars and serve the drinks in the jam jar. Screw on the lid and take your drink away.

The sad news is, this is their last day, they close today.

Aldershot has been destroyed by a dysfunctional council, and quality businesses like Grasshopper Delicatessen cannot survive in a dead town.

Late lunch at The Queen Hotel

June 13, 2016
rump streak

rump streak

Rump steak at The Queen Hotel, a J D Wetherspoon pub.

The rump steal was excellent, mash instead of chips.

8 oz rump steak for £3-99, add in half a pint of Ruddles bitter £5-02.