Very cold November afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

Sunny and very cold, cold north wind blowing.

Early afternoon, over 40 minutes wait for a bus, service that should be every 10 minutes. Sometime before 1400 bus shown 3 minutes failed to turn up. 1406 bus cancelled. 1432 two buses, another bus a couple of minutes behind. Four, maybe five, buses in opposite direction.

Entire day screwed as no time left for what I wished to do.

Ayam woku at Indonesian street food restaurant in Aldershot. At least ten minutes before woman emerges from the back to take my order.

Just make bus for Farnham.

Traffic jam when hit Farnham. Hop off bus and walk along the River Wey.

Too late to visit Coffee Gems.

Cappuccino at The Coffee Can in Gostrey Meadow. Too cold for coffee on the street.

Get warm at Electric Cycle Cafe. Espresso and a flapjack.

Look in Robert Dyas, but no time for a proper look around.

Mince pies from Cook. My phone does not work. Card only. Lady kindly gives me the mince pies. These are the best mince pies anywhere. Nothing else compares.

Quick run round Waitrose.

Not long to wait for a bus, 1750 from The Borough.

Aldershot, bus driver jumps red light. He actually took no notice of red light. I at first thought car coming in from the right had jumped red lights until I look up and see it is the bus driver who had jumped the red lights. It was only quick action by the car driver that avoided an accident. Passengers shot out of their seats. It could have been worse, luckily no one hurt or injured. At the Bus Station I tell bus driver he must report himself for what happened.

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