Cold December afternoon Aldershot and Farnborough

A very cold day, only a few degrees above zero with a very cold wind blowing. It was sunny in the morning. I considered a trip to Winchester, but decided not, it is always colder in Winchester.

Ayam woku at Indonesian street food restaurant. I think it may have changed hands. I was the only one there.

Market day in Aldershot. A handful of stalls, including junk food.

Usually not a soul to be seen, deserted streets. A few more souls market day.

I passed by Karuna Coffee House, early afternoon almost empty. Costa was busier.

I pass by a hairdresser. Lady at a sewing machine with a chess set in front of her. I am intrigued.

Bus to Farnham.

Pay a visit to Coffee Gems. I should have picked up a bag of coffee. On the other hand, following recent trips, and tempted, I have more coffee than I know what to do with.

The Coffee Can not in Gostrey Meadow. Departed before I walked through. But then a cold day.

Excellent espresso in Electric Cycle Cafe. I try a little experiment. I stir, stir not swirl. I cannot believe the difference it makes.

Quick shop in Waitrose.

Passing through Aldershot early evening, town centre sealed off, flashing blue lights, road blocks, swarming with police.

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