Right of Recall lost

These objectionable people. — Lord Tebbitt commenting during a Lords debate on Occupy Democracy occupying Parliament Square

What is at stake now is a matter of principle – do we trust our voters to hold us to account or not? — Zac Goldsmith

I regard as a very damaging constitutional innovation. — Gerald Howarth who voted against Right of Recall

Shame on those Members of Parliament who last night voted against the Right of Recall. Once again showing their contempt for the people.

The Right of Recall (not the sham recall being pushed by the liar LibDems) was lost 166 to 340.

Their shoddy voting record:

  • Labour – 142
  • Conservative – 135
  • Liberal Democrat – 37
  • Labour Co-Op – 21
  • Democratic Unionist – 3

Holding parliamentarians to account is seen by Gerald Howarth (who voted against) ‘as a very damaging constitutional innovation’.

If your Member of Parliament was one of those who voted against the Right of Recall, you may wish to ask them why did you vote against the Right of Recall?

Once again our parliamentarians reinforce the public perception of snouts in the trough and contempt for the electorate.

Special thanks to Caroline Lucas, Zac Goldsmith and others who put in a lot of hard work to try and make the Right of Recall a reality.

What happens in the Gothic House of Horrors on the banks of the Thames is not democracy, it is sham democracy.

Or maybe, with their outrageous outfits suitable for a pantomime dame, it is merely pantomime. The House of Lords debate on the occupation of Parliament Square was pantomime farce at its best (and we are paying these clowns £300 pounds a day simply for signing in).

We saw real real democracy at work when Occupy Democracy occupied Parliament Square in solidarity with activists on the streets of Hong Kong. And surprise, surprise, thugs from the police acting on direct orders of London Mayor Boris were sent in the clear the square.

We are not going to see real democracy until we have mass mobilisation of ordinary people against our corrupt politicians, against political parties, against big business.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    MPs to escape expenses investigations after paperwork destroyed by Parliament

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