Late October afternoon in Godalming

Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

Church Street

Church Street

This morning the grass was very wet. Rain during the night, heavy dew, mist? I think one the latter two, as in the fields in the shade white with dew.

As yesterday, a lovely warm sunny day.

For several days, Reading-Guildford train (onwards to Redhill or Gatwick) has been running late on arrival at North Camp, then running slow en-route to Guildford, arriving in Guildford several minutes late. Why I do not know. No explanation or apology on train. Luckily I did not miss train to Godalming, as it too running late. Again no explanation or apology. I asked at Godalming Station. Did not know, but when I said Reading-Redhill train late, was told the London-Haslemere train held to let it pass. Useful to know as means I would not miss the train in future, not unless arriving train was very late.

In Godalming Parish Church rows of candles, all burnt half way down. No idea why.

swan on River Wey

swan on River Wey

Sitting balancing on a piece of wood on the banks of the River Wey, all peace and quiet between myself and a pair of swans, until an obnoxious woman with dirty dog and child in tow arrived. I pointed out swans were getting angry and if they did not leave, they would attack. Thankfully they took the hint.

Excellent lunch at Cafe Mila, pumpkin soup followed by a tart stuffed with vegetables.

New charity shop in Godalming, Dogs Trust. Unlike Oxfam and British Heart Foundation, not ripping people off. Water for dogs. Looks more like a boutique than a charity shop. But a pity they did not show more empathy for the building, where it was white, painted dark grey almost black and a horrible garish yellow sign. They could have left as is, and engaged a sign-writer to write Dogs Trust.

Afternoon tea at Cafe Mila. Bad news, they will be closing at four o’clock, which is not good news.

No 71 bus only a few minutes late. Previous two running half an hour late.

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