Right of Recall

Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.– Leo Tolstoy

Right of Recall, was included in the Queen’s Speech, the right of the electorate to fire their member of Parliament, but it was so watered down, a committee of MPs in the first instance would decide, that if enacted, it would be worse than useless. It also only covers Members of Parliament, it does not include local councillors.

In response to that put forward by the government, 38 Degrees, with the help of other organisations, Members of Parliament, and several other bodies, have drawn up a much tighter draft bill. This they have put out for consultation.

The main difference, it will be for the local electorate to decide to recall their elected representatives, not for a committee of MPs.

My main concern, it only covers Members of Parliament. It should also cover local councillors.

My other concern, 20% of electorate voting yes to recall an MP is far too high, and in practice would be difficult to achieve. 10% would be a reasonable figure. It strikes the right balance between impossible to achieve and frivolous challenges.

We now need as many people as possible to lend their support.

When we have local councillors at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor voting to destroy four local businesses at Firgrove Parade, destroy green space at Firgrove Green, destroy the c 1720s Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, we have to have the means to target those councillors and kick them out of office.

When we have county councillors at Lincolnshire County Council voting for mass closure of libraries, we have to have the means to target those councillors and kick them out of office.


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    Right of Recall lost

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