Marios art exhibition

November 22, 2014
Marios art exhibition

Marios art exhibition

Located in the alley the other side of the building to the alley where The Barn was until it closed. Marios used to run The Barn.

I thought it was an exhibition, it was not, it was work on display and for sale, but it at least lured me down the alley where I had never ventured before.

Interesting pieces, my only criticism, not original sketches etched onto the wood. At least I am assuming so, Marios was not there to ask, I could be doing him a grave disservice.

The location an interesting art gallery, with interesting pieces on sale, not the overpriced tat that was in the shop between the two alleys, poetic justice it has closed to be turned into a Poundland.

It is well worth a venture down this alley.

Whilst I was there, one of the pieces by Marios was sold.

I spent the afternoon chatting to the owner of the gallery. I had hoped Marios would show. She called him, but he was too busy.

An interesting clock in the gallery. A Saxon clock, one hand marks out the minutes, the other the day.

Poetic justice

November 22, 2014
poetic justice

poetic justice

Poetic justice to see the shop that sold overpriced tat to gullible fools closed down and turned into a Poundland.

Poetic justice? They caused nothing but grief to their neighbours in the alleys either side. For once a little poetic justice in the world.

Sad though to see a £250,000 marble staircase smashed to pieces. Surely they could have salvaged the marble?

The shop used to be Woolworths. Aldershot acquired by 99p Stores, Farnborough Poundland.

Does Farnham need a Poundland? A moot point.

It will save a trip to Aldershot, where there are three pound shops, or Farnborough where there are two.

At least there are no junk food outlets in Farnham, and let us hope it stays that way.

Wet and humid afternoon in Farnham

November 22, 2014
River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

Yesterday a cold wet miserable afternoon in Guildford, today a mild wet afternoon in Farnham. I expected it to be cold as was yesterday instead mild and very humid.

tacky fun fair in Gostrey Meadow

tacky fun fair in Gostrey Meadow

A tacky Christmas fun fair in Gostrey Meadow. It should never have taken place, Gostrey Meadow saturated after many days of heavy rain, net result Gostrey Meadow turned into a muddy quagmire with damage to the park.

Lunch in the fish n shop in Downing Street. In the evening dead, lunchtime busy. The only advantage lunchtime is a free pot of tea.

The cod was awful, a pity as usually very good.

poetic justice

poetic justice

I had hoped to find Marios, who used to run The Barn until it closed in the summer, in part, forced out of business by a very unpleasant shop selling overpriced tat next door, who gave him nothing but grief.

Poetic justice to see them forced out of business and replaced by Poundland. Sad though to see a £250,000 marble staircase smashed up, Surely they could have salvaged the marble. Does Farnham need a Poundland?

Marios art exhibition

Marios art exhibition

Marios had an exhibition of his work in the neighbouring alley. To be strictly correct, it was not an exhibition, it was his work on show and for sale. At least it lured me down the alley. An interesting art gallery, with lost of interesting stuff, not overpriced tat for gullible fools, as was in the shop that closed down. Well worth a visit. I spent the afternoon there chatting to the owner.

Piss-poor service in Waitrose. It is getting worse. Long queues, not all checkouts manned, and gormless managers stood around doing nothing useful. I contrast with Waitrose Alton, service always excellent.

Having a coffee. A coffee always necessary to calm down after the hassle. Guy having a coffee said the same, he has a coffee because he gets annoyed over the queues. He said he usually calls over one of the managers and tells them to deal with it. Maybe more people should follow his lead. He too said service far better Waitrose Alton. People do not pay Waitrose high prices for piss-poor service.


November 22, 2014

Singer-songwriter Jewelia accompanied by Andy, live studio recording of the Paul McCartney/Beatles classic Yesterday.

InSession recorded at InSound Studios in Woking.

InSession is similar to The Crypt Cover Project, once a month invites musicians down into the crypt and within a day they record a song and get it on-line the next day.

The Crypt is located beneath a 19th century church which earns a mention in the Bronte novels and has bells made from cannons from the Napoleonic War.

Jewelia released her début album Monsters in August.

Africa Stop Ebola

November 21, 2014
Tiken Jah Fakoly in concert at l'Olympia

Tiken Jah Fakoly in concert at l’Olympia

A bunch of African musicians released Africa Stop Ebola before Bob Geldof and the Band Aid circus gathered together a bunch of tax-dodgers.

Do they know it’s Christmas? As they are in Africa, and as mainly Christians, it is reasonable to assume yes.

Bob Geldof could have promoted Africa Stop Ebola, and as an aside, not slagged off Adele for refusing to join the Band Aid circus.

Maybe, as Ciff Richard said of Band Aid 30 years ago, when you are offered worldwide exposure, you do not say no.

Or as Russell Brand tells in Revolution, being invited to a tacky Hollywood charity fundraiser was mandatory as it was a good career move.

Informations spreads in Africa by story telling, by song. Africa Stop Ebola helps spread information on Ebola, which may do more good than throwing money at the problem.

Sung in French and indigenous languages spoken widely in west Africa, they stress the importance of trusting doctors, not touching sick or dead people, and proper sanitation and hygiene.

Ebola, Ebola
invisible enemy
Dear parents
Follow the advice of medical authorities
Ebola came to hurt us
Respect their advice
Ebola is a problem for us
We cannot greet someone
You cannot kiss someone
It does not mean that person makes you ashamed
It’s just a reality

Africa Stop Ebola, features contributions from the Malian musicians Amadou & Mariam, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangaré and Kandia Kouyaté, the Guinean singers Mory Kante and Sia Tolno, the Ivorian reggae star Tiken Jah Fakoly, the Congolese vocalist Barbara Kanam and the Senegalese rapper Didier Awadi.

Money raised will go to Médecins Sans Frontières. Or you can donate to MSF.

But why, oh why, did they release on iTunes? Why did they not release on bandcamp where a greater cut could have gone to Médecins Sans Frontières (unless iTunes waived their usual greed).

Also by releasing on bandacmp not iTunes, can listen to entire song, not few seconds lofi sample and people can easily share with their friends.

BBC World Service used to have until they pulled the plug an hour long programme on world music, featuring music from around the world. One of the best music programmes I have ever heard. The programme used to regularly feature talented musicians I had never heard of. It it was now, I’d be looking for them on youtube or bandcamp.

Africa Stop Ebola a beautiful haunting song, that brings tears to the eyes. Puts to shame the tacky Band Aid song. If nothing else showcases the talent of west African musicians.

I am very much reminded of Playing for Change.

The death rate from the current outbreak of Ebola is 70% (it can be as high as 90%). There is no cure. What is particularly insidious about Ebola is that you cannot hold or comfort those who are dying.

Cold wet miserable afternoon in Guildford

November 21, 2014

Today was a typical November day, cold, wet and miserable.

I stuck my head in Harris + Hoole, Teeming, manic, staff rushed off their feet.

Guildford Institute was no different. No food left.

On my way up North Street, baking potatoes off the top fruit and vegetable stall. I picked some up a few weeks ago. I have never had baking potatoes as good as these. I asked what variety I think they said Steamer, which I have never heard of.

Down the hill to Debenhams, where I could have gone in the first place. Often they have excellent roast pork, but as I feared, turkey. Why do they think as soon as the run up to Christmas (and not yet December), we all wish to eat Turkey? Turkey, turkey, turkey, until we are sick of turkey.

Back up the hill.

Town full of zombie shoppers, more like a Saturday. A sad reflection on society, when the highlight of the day for most people is mindless shopping.

Now, nothing left at Guildford Institute. Before there had been a tiny portion of something, it looked like spinach in flaky pastry, but as there were people before me, I would probably not have got any.

I made do with soup and a sweet.

Regulars told me, they only managed to get something to eat.

Mid-afternoon, cold and wet, no point hanging around any longer, catch the 3-30 train, later train would have been full of noisy school kids.

Had the time, I would have visited Save the Children charity shop and let them know what I though of giving a humanitarian award to Tony Blair.

It was a day for not going out.

UKIP Rochester by-election victory

November 21, 2014

I am absolutely determined to win this seat back at the next general election. — David Cameron

A Tory Member of Parliament, defects to UKIP, a by election is called, and he retains the seat, though with a much reduced majority to when he held it as a Tory.

Tory MPs have a choice, defect to UKIP or lose their seat.

David Cameron says he is determined to win Rochester back at the General Election.

How? How determined is determined? He threw everything bar the kitchen sink at Rochester and still he could not win the seat. He went down five times, Tory MPs were under instruction to visit Rochester at least three times.

It sounds more like desperation than determination.

What Cameron fails to understand is that people are sick of him, his party and all what he stands for. We saw that in Scotland during the Independence Referendum.

Ed Miliband crowed about the result. But what has he to crow about? We have a hated and reviled ConDem government, and yet the best they could manage was third, nationally they are level pegging with the Tories. They should be streets ahead, but they are not and that has a to do with Ed Miliband as leader and the lack of any radical polices, the failure to offer anything other than Tory-lite. Ed Miliband is an unmitigated disaster for Labour.

Ed Miliband will be ditched after the General Election if Labour fare badly. Why therefore not dump him now?

LibDems are on a trajectory to oblivion, and good riddance.

The Green Party did reasonably well.

In Scotland, Labour are going to be wiped out, as the Tories have already been wiped out.

We now effectively have a five party system, so why are the Green Party not being offered equal billing with the other parties?

We are going to see a Parliament composed of Tories, Labour, SNP, UKIP, Green Party, and with the possibility of the LibDems completely wiped out.

Tories and Labour are being accused of trying to out-Ukip UKIP on immigration. This is nonsense, it is the public who are driving the agenda.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband say they are tough on immigration. No one has seen this in practise. Empty words.

If they are, then let us see them set foot in Aldershot and deal with the Nepalese parasites.

They say they are tough on tax-dodgers. More empty words, the tax-dodgers are laughing all the way to their tax havens.

We had George Osborne spending tax payers money in a doomed legal case to defend bankers bonuses. How out of touch can he be?

David Cameron says he is the only one offering an EU referendum. If true, then let us see one at he General Election 2015.

Save the Children honour Tony Blair for his ‘humanitarian work’

November 20, 2014

This is sickening, (alleged) war criminal and profiteer Tony Blair honoured by Save the Children.

They not only gave him this award, but it was at a glitzy stomach churning charity event.

I am lost for words, offensive, disgusting, appalling, sickening ….

This is a man who hobnobs with some of the world’s worst dictators and corrupt politicians, sleaze does not begin to describe Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi and Hosni Mubarak count as his cronies.

His latest has been to advise brutal ruler of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev how to sanitize human rights abuses and killing of unarmed protesters, for a retainer of £7 million a year.

The revolving door, the political-media-charity establishment. Chief executive of Save the Children (UK) is Justin Forsyth, who was an adviser to both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He was appointed in 2010 on a salary of £160,000.

Save the Children done themselves a huge amount of damage with this glitzy charity bash.

I will be telling a local Save the Children charity shop exactly what I think of them, and I urge others to do the same.

Paulo Coelho and his wife Christina help support an orphanage in Rio to support the kids from the favelas. I do not see them being honoured by Save the Children. Nor the many unsung heroes who work in the field, nor the volunteers who man their charity shops.

Save the Children has lost all credibility with this award.

In Revolution, Russell Brand tells of going to a glitzy Hollywood charity bash, and being told it was mandatory for the success of his career.

The latest Band Aid circus regurgitation, a line up of a bunch of tax dodgers. Adele refused to take part. That it was reelased on tacky X Factor, says it all.

A group of African musicians have recorded Africa Stop Ebola to raise money. Was you aware of that?

If you really want to help, make a donation to MSF.

In This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein documents the abuses by Big Business green groups, including oil drilling on a nature reserve.

This is why I do not support Big Business charities and green groups.

If we want real change, assuming you are not happy with money being transferred from the poor the the rich, the trashing of the planet, then effect real change.

Lunar Mission One

November 20, 2014

Note: These videos are gross. Waffle, and nothing or very little on the project.

Note: Leaving DNA on the Moon is incredibly foolhardy. What alien species has access?

Lunar Mission One has to be the most ambitious crowd funding project to date, a mission to the Moon.

The mission will be in ten years time to land a probe on the south pole of the Moon

  • largest crater in the universe
  • in direct sunlight
  • in direct line of sight with the earth

A core sample will be drilled, at least 20m, possibly 100m deep.

A time capsule will also be left on the Moon honouring those who made Lunar Mission One possible.

We have all been stunned by a a rendezvous with a comet, orbiting a comet, then sending a lander down to the surface of the comet.

Crowd funding has a long history.

The Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace was made possible by public subscription.

So much money was raised including tickets sales, it paid for the V&A, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College. The Trust still exists, and makes available for science, £2 million every year.

Aldershot in lockdown

November 19, 2014

This evening, Aldershot was in lock down.

Outside The Queen Hotel (J D Wetherspoon), seven maybe more security.

Mounted police.

Police patrols everywhere.

Thugs were expected from Portsmouth to trash the town.

But why did neither the council nor the police, warn retailers to close, get their shutters down and get their staff home safe before the trouble kicked off?

Portsmouth are out of the FA Cup.

Expect trouble on the streets of Aldershot tonight.


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