October 13, 2020

En route from Lazaris to Paul’s Coffee Roaster I pass by Kaffea# a little coffee bar o have not seen before. I see a sign had and decide to pop in and have a coffee.

— to be continued —

Lunch at Lazaris

October 13, 2020

Nothing to eat since breakfast I decided upon yoghurt and fresh fruit at Lazaris for lunch.

Sadly Lazaris gas gone downhill, once expert, still good but not as good as it was.

Fresh fruit in a bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey. The fresh fruit not freshly prepared, brown through oxidisation.

Loud music blasting out. No surprise everyone sat outside.

I sat outside but not pleasant due to noise and traffic pollution.

Back streets are being dug up and paved. A major disruption to local businesses. An appalling waste of money if do not pedestinise and close to traffic.

— to be continued —

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 13, 2020

Local bus to Ayia Napa to pick up InterCity bus to Larnaca.

Alight at Sculpture Park and wander through. I notice many new additions since my last visit a year ago.

Intercity Bus to Larnaca. Driver not wearing mask covering face, chatting and turning round to passenger entire journey.

Walk along seafront almost to Larnaca Castle then head to Church of St Lazarus and nearby Lazaris.

Lunch a bowl of Greek yoghurt with fruit at Lazaris.

Lazaris used to be excellent so long as avoid the undrinkable coffee. But sadly it has gone downhill. Still good but not as good. Loud music, no sruprise everyone sat outside, my yoghurt with fresh fruit the fruit not freshly prepared as going brown.

I sat outside where it it would be pleasant were it not for the traffic pollution.

The streets are being dug up and paved. Why are they then not pedestrianised as this would greatly improve the back streets of the old part of Larnaca?

I headed to Paul’s Coffee Roaster. The intention had been stop for a coffee and a chat then on to Nick’s Coffee Bike, but best laid plans and all that jazz.

En route I passed a little coffee bar, Kaffea, it was new. My eye caught by a sign saying taf. I decided to stop and have a coffee and that was as far as I got.

I was not going to make 1800 bus as i had intended.

I set off for Paul’s Coffee Roaster and used to get my bearings to head to Nick’s.

No time to stop. I head to sea front for 1900 bus, only to find not running. The next bus, the last bus, not until 2045.

Walking through an alley, itvpasses through a square. I decide to try and find as an open air restarant.

I find and decide to stay and eat. A Greek restaurant. I ask for svoulaki. It is excellent, far better than would get in Protaras.

I am in time to catch the last bus.

— to be continued —

Collapse of tourist industry in Protaras

October 10, 2020

Walking along the seafront Protaras brought home the scale of the collapse of the tourist industry. Closed and abandoned restaurants and hotels.

Restaurants empty shells.

Most of the hotels closed and abandoned, weeds growing in flower beds. Sunrise Beach Hotel pool drained but not secured or cordoned off.

Constantinos fake 5* hotel one of the few open, sunbeds jammed close to one another, not safe.

Early dinner at Nissiotis, a restaurant overlooking Protaras Pier.

Why printed menud of several shttest. Why not simplify the menu to one pronted sheetm which is then thriwn away?

Service iffy, but at keats staff were corredctkyh wearing gace maks, not dangling atroundtheir mouths. Generous portion size

Walking back a long the main road before reaching the main road hotels only opened last few years closed. Supermarkets bars closed. <

A couple of bars that are open not busy, loud music blasting out tables to close, high risk for covid-19.

The handful of restaurants that were open were busy, busy with Cypriots not tourists.


— to be continued —

Nick’s Coffee Bike

October 8, 2020

Once upon a time there was a bicycle strictly speaking a tricycle if wish to be pedantic parked outside Larnaca Marina serving coffee, the best coffee in Cyprus let alone Larnaca.

Alas no more, the bicycle has been retired. But all is not lost, the bicycle is parked up in a coffee shop of the same name. A coffee shop that sets new standards for Cyprus.

EasyJet flight Gatwick to Larnaca

October 8, 2020

Noticeable by its absence apart from hand sanitiser stations dotted around complete absence of covid-19 biosecurity.

No temperature screening on entering airport, both at check in, boarding.

For Cyprus require passport, boarding pass, Cyprus Flight Pass and valid covid-19 certificate showing tested negative.

No social distancing at boarding gate.

On board no attempt to enforce correct wearing of face masks. Many passengers had dropped around mouth not covering nose. Passengers standing in aisle, leaning on seats with bare arms, close to seated paccsdengers. Crew up and down with trolley selling food and drink, no face masks whilst eating and drinking.

No social distancing on aircraft. Cooped up for over eight hours. Yet social distancing on ground transportation, bus and train.

EasyJet expect taxpayer to bail them out.

— to be continued —

Lunch at Hanki Korean restaurant

October 5, 2020

A lovely warm sunny morning, a pleasant contrast to the last few days when cold and raining, and yet Guildford all but deserted.

And very little open, maybe Catch 22.

Fresco a tiny Greek place closed, appears to have closed down as closed on previous visits, but no surprise as gave Greek food a bad name.

La Casita not open Monday.

Guildford Institute restaurant not open today. I had sent a message to ask if open but lack the courtesy to reply.

Bamboo Shoots I miss, but decided not to reopen following lockdown.

Koja coffee shop, change of name, new owners I do not know, but was always empty and would require more than a change of name, not open today, closes at one on days when open.

I decided to try Hanki, a tiny Korean restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

None too happy to find a Deliveroo serf crash helmet no mask, waiting several minutes for order. How many minutes before I arrived, how many places to and from today, previous days, in the future? An ideal disease vector. I asked the young guy serving to file a formal complaint with Deliveroo. In future, make wait outside for order, if step inside to pick up, though better to hand to outside, must remove helmet, must be wearing a mask.

I chose deep fried chicken. It came with nothing. I asked for rice, it was extra. I was then drawn to a different dish deep fried chicken which included rice, this I chose.

When served was reasonable, decent portion, not in same league as Bamboo Shoots, but nevertheless reasonable.

Brought to me on tray with hand sanitiser also brought to the table.

Covid-19 biosecurity with the exception of the Deliveroo serf good. Tables clean, young guy at all times wearing a mask, I lacked ability to scan QR code and gave my contacts details in writing.

When opened a couple of years ago, Hawaiian food but run by Koreans. I asked why Hawaiian, serve food you know, Korean. I am pleased they took my advice.

But always empty, I have never seen customers when I pass by. Lunchtime today, apart from Deliveroo serf, I was the only customer.

It was then to Krema for an excellent cappuccino.

Deliveroo serf speading covid-19

October 5, 2020

Deliveroo serf acting as ideal disease vector for covid-19.

Deliveroo serf waiting several minutes in Hanki a tiny Korean restaurant, several minutes within a small enclosed space for order to be processed. That was whilst I was there. How many more minutes before I walked in? How many places visited, in out no mask, how many customers visited no mask, today, preceding days, following days? No track and trace, not required to provide contact details. No attempt  to remove crash helmet.

No surprise covid-19 cases doubling every few days.

I asked the young guy serving to file immediate complaint with Deliveroo. In future, make wait outside until order ready, do not allow inside, if steps inside to collect, remove helmet, wear mask. It would be advisable not to deal with this Deliveroo serf again.

Coffee tasting Blue Bear Bookshop

October 3, 2020

Passing by Blue Bear Bookshop, oh just who we need, would you please come in and give your opinion of two blends of coffee we are trying?

Yes but first I am going for lunch. I checked when closed and said I would pop back.

When I popped back after lunch at Gail’s bakery it was less busy, earlier very busy, too busy.

I had given some thought and decided would have four coffees, two as expresso and two as cappuccinos.

I decided to be a little more professional, asked for pen and paper to make notes.

I would emphasise this was coffee tasting, not coffee cupping which is a formal method of tasting and evaluating coffee.

Of the two, one a slightly smoking aroma and a slight fruitiness, the other insipid by comparison. Not a lot in it and neither were pleasant as espresso.

My cappuccino was intended for a customer, too hot, too much foam and horror of horrors, chocolate on top. Not a very good cappuccino.

My opinion, neither of the two blends were good.

I was also not happy with coffee beans being bagged as Blue Bear Bookshop. No reputable roastery would do this. Coffee, specialty coffee, traceability, transparency, through roastery, to region to the farm.

Blue Bear Bookshop need a good blend as a basic workhorse for espresso based coffee.

I recommended visit DT Roastery in Winchester, speak with Dhan Tamang and recommended their espresso blend which they serve in Coffee Lab.

An idea, try the Congo coffee from Waitrose. By the till. At the front no, but that at the yes, beautiful aroma.

Coffee at 33 their espresso blend is excellent.

If going to sell bags of coffee, there are many excellent coffee roasteries to choose from spoilt for choice, but ensure does not sit on the shelves.

I suggested an Ethiopian from Cartwheel Coffee very unusual as an espresso.

Cakes are far better than Gail’s.

I would suggest Blue Bear Bookshop stock high quality bean-to-bar chocolate from Luisa’s and Bullion.

The only downside of Blue Bear Bookshop they are in a lousy location, on a busy congested polluted road.  Long overdue the centre of Farnham was pedestrianised.

Unlike Gail’s in Farnham, Pho in Guildford, no issues with covid-19 biosecurity, but then that is the difference between an indie business that cares about reputation and customers and a corporate chain employing bored zero hours minimum wage temporary staff.


Lunch at Gail’s bakery

October 3, 2020

What is it with these places, why no understanding of covid-19 regulations?

I walked in, unpleasant loud music blasting out.

I explained breach of covid-19 regulations, explained why, noisy, customers shouting, emitting 30 times coronavirus at high velocity across the room, I had to shout to make myself heard repeat to make myself understood.

I ordered a sausage roll. Usually they hot it up. Not served cold. A fresh batch was brought out of the oven, one of which I was offered.

I found a clean table as far removed from others as possible. I would usually sit outside, too cold, raining and no free tables.

Sausage roll was good, and was cooked Previous visit not cooked through.

Very noisy, music not turned down, unpleasant atmosphere, not possible to relax and I was starting to get a headache.

Tables not cleared of dirty crockery. This is the norm in Gail’s, tables not cleared, tables not cleaned. Bad enough in normal times, unacceptable during coronavirus pandemic.

Eventually tables were cleared, but not not cleaned, not wiped down and decontaminated.

I left, asking for a drink of water on my way out. I had asked for a drink of water when I ordered but none ever arrived.

For some perverse reason only half a door open, causing congestion on entering or leaving.

Covid-19 biosecurity appalling. I was not asked for contact details, loud music blasting out which was not turned down on request even though explained why, dirty dishes piled on tables not cleared away, tables not wiped down and cleaned. Only plus, staff wearing masks at all times and wearing correctly. Gail’s must be shut down and hit with a hefty fine.

Loud music, noisy environment, people shouting, are projecting thirty times covid-19 at high velocity across the room. Quiet conversation, minimise the ejection of covid-19 and only into the immediate surroundings of those talking.

If we are to get a grip of coronavirus, establishments like Gail’s which flout the rules must be shut down.

Gail’s is a chain, overpriced bread, low paid temporary staff, never see the same person twice, due to open soon in Tunsgate in Guildford.

Neither cakes nor coffee good. Far better cakes and coffee in Blue Bear Bookshop and Krema, where also take covid-19 biosecurity seriously.

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