Afternoon in York

September 27, 2022

Unlike my last trip to York, an uneventful trip.

A very cold day.

At Doncaster, a brief wander into the town

York Station very quiet. I have never seen so quiet.

Walk along the city wall to The Perky Peacock. Coffee has change to Pact Coffee. Not good news. An excellent job on the dungeon.

Look in second hand bookshop Minster Books. I have manged to obtain Foundation series and Robot series but not Empire series.

I take a different route. Pass by The Larder Club. I look inside. A little Italian restaurant. I will try for lunch on my next visit.

York Food Festival junk food. I wm through and head toKiosk in Foddgste

Kiosk closed. Excekksnt deli nextdood sold. But will continue as a deli.

The Shambles street food market not great but better than the York Food Festival.

I look in a deli with quality cheese. More than can be said of the cheese stall at the York Food Festival. Are there no farm cheeses in Yorkshire?

Head back to York Festival for a coffee. Not good, I pour down the drain.

I made the mistake of not popping in Spring Espresso Foddgste. It used to be excellent, sold a couple if years ago and went downhill.

Just make the train which pulls in in time v

Guildford ex-council leader distances the Council from Experience Guildford

September 25, 2022

In a rather strange e-mail Guildford Borough Council leader Joss Bigmore (now ex-leader) distances the Council from the local BID.

He claims the Council no different to any other local BID Levy payer.

This oddball e-mail begs many questions.

There may be no formal relationship between the two, but former council leader admits they work closely together.

The claim to the benefit of the local economy is a sick joke. Though a few board members and cronies may benefit.

Extracting money from local businesses does not help.

Sloping shoulders.

We are an impartial bystander, no different to any other BID Levy payer.

Really, there may be no formal partnership, but by his own admission, works closely with the local BID?

Why two Council seats on the board? Second council seat could have gone to a local business. Who appointed?

Did he not receive the Mosaic Partnership BID Scam briefing? Push BID onto gullible local businesses. Make promises that have no intention of honouring, offload council services onto the BID, and make local businesses pay via the BID Levy.

I have yet to see any project that supports the local economy. They extract money from the local economy, extort money with the help of GBC, and when asked how much the projects cost, hit obstruction.

Crass projects to give the impression of doing something. Of benefit to the local economy? No.

The large number of empty retail premises show how successful the BID is in helping the local economy.

Look to Scarborough. Local council Vote of No Confidence in Yorkshire Coast BID, called on the board to resign, and the BID to be wound up.

Does not the council have the power to wind up the BID?

Strange he copies in the BID.

But, a big but, council docs show Guildford Borough Council in Partnership with Experience Guildford, the same docs show the leader delegated to cast 27 Yes Votes in the BiD Ballot.

Local businesses do not cast 27 votes.

27 Yes Votes will mean struggling local businesses will fail, people lose their jobs.

At least explains why the ex-council leader is covering for the BID.

Stir-fry patty pan squash mushrooms sugar snap peas with rice noodles and peanut butter

September 24, 2022

Not often I cook a vegan dish.

Loosely based on a recipe from Riverford.


  • patty pan summer squash
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • two garlic cloves
  • rice noodles
  • peanut butter


Hot pan, a little oil.

Add diced red onion.

Add sliced mushrooms.

Add chunks of patty pan squash.

Rice noodles four minutes in lightly salted water.

Drain the noodles. Save the water. Add noodles to the hot pan.

Make vegetable stock, half a mug of noodle water. Add to pan and simmer.

Add a large dollop of peanut butter.


Unusual for a vegan dish, tasty. Addition of peanut butter takes to another level.

I did not add any herbs, but I did sprinkle a little herbes de Provence and ras el hanout.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 24, 2022

Astronomical autumn, summer has ended, temperature has dropped.

Three Joe’s pizza has opened. Opened on Thursday. Impressive interior, large clay oven in the corner.

Interesting chat with the guy on the door.

Good job too with the outside seating. Not chap and tacky. Why spoil it with fake greenery?

Pizza? No idea, I did not stop and try.

Walk and Ride did not turn up.

Walked up Steep Hill.

Gangs of drunken scum roaming the streets

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Strait and Narrow noisy. At Bar One, blasting out top end of High Street. No enforcement by local council.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Sunset Ferry Lane

September 23, 2022

Looking upstream, sunset Ferry Lane.

Lincoln astronomical autumn

September 23, 2022

First day of astronomical autumn. A lovely warm sunny autumn day.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

A wander around Bailgate.

Affogato at Bailgate Deli.

I then realise I had not eaten. Too late for fish n chips

Walking down Steep Hill nothing open.

I decided not cappuccino at Coffee Aroma, then changed my mind.

I decide on a pizza at Dough LoCo.

Stir-fry Hunter’s chicken with basmati

September 22, 2022

Two-pan wonder.


– red onion
– chicken breast

– mushrooms

– tomatoes

– white wine

– basmati rice


Sliced small red onion, hot pan, a little oil.

Add mushrooms.

Add tomatoes, tomato paste.

Splosh of red wine. Simmer.

Half a mug of simmer.

Half a mug of basmati rice, mug of water. Bring to boil, summer around twenty minutes.


I am hopeless with rice. Today excellent.

Hunter’s chicken too salty.

Spring onions I should have added last few minutes. Watercress added as dishing out.

Lincoln late afternoon visit

September 22, 2022

Popped into M&S, cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Lawns spiking raking mowing seeding

September 22, 2022

Lawns mowed

Drought hit brown grass, mowed, compost spread, raked, seeded.

Market Square market

September 22, 2022

No idea why a large market in market Square in Wednesday. No one I spoke to knew either. Tat and junk food.

Many of the stalls the same junk food stalls in Lincoln for the junk food travelling circus. Maybe the same tracking curchs with additional stalls.

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