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sausage pepper and pasta

August 7, 2020

Pasta with sausage and pepper, plus a few other ingredients thrown in for good measure.

A post with a Jamie Oliver dish, but no link to what they have made.

I have never understood why people do this, mention something, but lack the courtesy to provide a link.

A search on keywords, I could not find the dish, but settled on something similar in a youtube video.

I did not have the exact ingredients, decided to settle on Lincolnshire sausages and pasta from Redhill Farm shop, a pepper off new fruit and vegetable stall at Lincoln Central Market, then improvise with what I had to hand, but roughly follow what Jamie Oliver had outlined.

Redhill Farm shop has excellent Lincolnshire sausages, I chose their chipolata version they happily did the pinch and twist, leaving me with little chipolatas of the correct size.

When I have their Lincoln sausages I buy four, quite large and sufficient for two people. Therefore 300g of the chipolatas would be ideal.

Extra virgin cold pressed rape seed oil. I lacked olive oil. I would have extra virgin cold pressed from a  deli in Athens.

Into the pan the chipolatas sizzling away. A mistake I made, did not brown them enough.

Layered fresh from the garden and from local fruit and vegetable shops, runner beans, a couple of florets from a cauliflower, chopped and diced red onion, sliced red pepper, sliced stick of celery.  No herbs, I was not able to obtain fresh herbs. Maybe something to grow on the patio in terracotta pots.

Sizzled away for ten minutes.

Add red cherry tomatoes sliced in half, water, balsamic vinegar, a sprinkling of pepper.  Simmer for twenty minutes.

I was using a large frying pan. Poured into a glassware casserole dish, which I had first warmed with hot water, then into an oven for 25 minutes at 180 C.

Pasta tortiglioni not ideal, dropped into a pan of boiling water, simmered for 12 minutes.

The dish was very tasty, no fresh herbs as not able to obtain.  The pasta though a grave disappointment.

Sacrilege, replace the pasta with new potatoes would improve the dish.


Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables from Cook

January 8, 2014
Cook vegetables

Cook vegetables

Lincolnshire sausages

Lincolnshire sausages

Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables

Lincolnshire sausages and vegetables

Last week, on New Year Day, delayed Christmas lunch from Cook. The chicken was disgusting (the leftovers thrown away the next day) the vegetables cold.

For the vegetables, it was obvious the cooking instructions were wrong.

As half the vegetables were left, decided to thaw the previous day in the fridge, then leave out to continue to thaw, for a couple of hours, before putting in a hot oven for ten minutes (half the recommended time from frozen).

It worked, the vegetables were hot, and far tastier than the previous week.

The sausages were from Heighington. Not obvious the village has a butcher, let alone a quality butcher, as hidden in a Spa shop. Not somewhere one would think to look for quality food.

The sausages were excellent. They must qualify as some of the best sausages in the country.

Lunch at County Restaurant

January 8, 2013
vegetable soup

vegetable soup

bangers and mash

bangers and mash

Starters vegetable soup. I missed out but did get to taste a spoonful.

Main course bangers and mash. Lincolnshire sausages, mash potato and cabbage. The sausages were undercooked, but edible.

No hot sweet.

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