MIYU Coffee

MIYU Coffee

MIYU Coffee

MIYU Coffee

MIYU Coffee

A coffee bar with someone who knows about coffee, who imports high quality beans roasted in Greece, now that is a find.

But did not know how to make freddo cappuccino. I had to show.

  • brew coffee
  • whilst coffee is brewing, foam milk to creamy texture
  • milk has to be skimmed, fridge temperature
  • froth coffee slightly
  • fill tapered glass with ice cubes
  • pour in coffee
  • fold or spoon in frothed coffee
  • much practice is required

I though learnt something new.

Vanilla ice cream in a tub. Pour into tub espresso coffee. Scoop out ice cream with a  litttle coffee (balance is the key). Interesting combination.

Mainly takeaway coffee. I would also recommend serving in cups and glass. The reason why, people will sit outside to drink, this will catch the attention of passers by, they too will be tempted to stop.

Why drink the disgusting coffee from Coffee Island or Costa, when there is a coffee shop serving decent coffee?

MIYU Coffee can be found on the road leading down from Nicolas Tavern to Fig Tree Bay.

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