EU democracy-free zone

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. -- Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

I assume Paul Mason meant leave EU, but otherwise, yes, it is as simple as that.

EU is not a democracy, it was never intended to be a democracy, it was not designed to be a democracy. It is a democracy-free zone.

When those say we have a pooling of sovereignty they are talking nonsense.

A pooling of sovereignty is when countries cooperate for a  common aim, for example a shared defence policy, an example of which we have with Nato.

Countries did not pool sovereignty, they handed sovereignty over to the EU dictatorship.

When in Greece in January last year, Greece elected a new government, they were told by the EU that democracy did not count. For daring to challenge the EU, Greece was destroyed to set an example to other countries.

EU was established as  a cartel for Big Business.

EU is pushing in secret TTIP which will remove even the fig leaf of democratic accountability, handing conrol to global corporations.

In how many countries were the citizens granted a referendum to ask if they wished to join the EU?  Few, if any.

The EU is on the point of breaking up.

When UK leaves, it will collapse.

In Czech Republic, they  watching closely, and will demand a referendum to leave.

Other countries will follow.

Let us replace the EU, with cooperating European countries.

And please do not confuse EU with Europe.

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One Response to “EU democracy-free zone”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    The absence of democracy has become a vital issue because of the crisis post 2008. It suddenly matters far more what economic policies are pursued. Societies, nations are becoming polarized on fundamentals. Europe is simply where this crisis is expressed most strongly at present. The most stable region turns into its opposite.

    The EU is a ‘bosses’ formation, there is , as yet, no pan european workers opposition. Some think all this is obsolete. Weird ! They talk nothing but economics and deny its impact at the same time ! If progressive leadership of opposition does not come into being, fascist ones will. This is of course a global crisis. Which link breaks first is not yet determined.

    That the youth identify as european in most of europe and are at the same time the most threatened and active, gives us hope – not being burdened with old ideas or worn down with defeats ….. I am an optimistic oldie who voted brexit on principle – getting stuck into the Corbyn support because that is the only path available for building a political movement with some possibility.

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