Nottingham Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox day and night equal. As we head into winter days get shorter nights get longer.

A lovely warm sunny afternoon in Nottingham.

Train to Nottingham, large number of passengers board at Newark, none are wearing masks.

At Nottingham, train pulls in way along the platform. Usually I head out the side entrance but would have had to walk back. I head out the front entrance

in station foyer, half a dozen Wise Owls. Last year they were in the streets. I have seen nothing. Lincoln Imp Trail, Sheffield Bears.

Looked in 200 Degrees. Empty, close at four.

Broadmarsh demolition in progress. Different route through to retail desolation on the other side.

The tacky hoardings outside Thea Caffea not acceptable.

Cappuccino at Cartwheel Coffee.

I learn there new bags are from recycled coffee cups.

interesting distribution tool. Needle like lins project down into the coffee, give it a whirl.

Cartwheel Coffee not busy.

Flower seller not around.

More retail desolation down a ride street.

I did not have what I had previously, fillings not to my liking.

Look in Kigali, head to Sneinton Market.b

I was pleased to find Yoke had not closed. A few weeks ago I found closed.

Look in Oxfam Shop. Raise issue of Tony’s Chocolonely, slave trade industrial low quality chocolate.

I comment on the cast iron columns holding up cast iron beams. I learn shop was there very first Boots store.

A plaque outside. So high up would never notice unless attention drawn to it, too jkghvup covered.

Head to Luisa’s. Try a new chocolate on which I can not comment as not yet launched.

I learn Bare Bones undercutting bean-to-bar chocolate makers to acquire market share. Not good behaviour.

Back to Kigali. Long chat about coffee. Did I pay last visit for Standart? I cannot recall. They cannot either but think I did. I guess if I did not they would remember.

I took along three bags of coffee from different roasteries, Mind the Cup, The Under Dog and Coffee Gems.

After an espresso, I head to the station. Makecrrainn with acfewcminutes to spare

train packed. Few wearing masks.

… to be continued …

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