Lincoln a change in the weather

After a week or more of unseasonal warm sunny weather, autumn arrives cold wet and windy.

Morning sunny and pleasantly warm in the sun.

Currency exchange, had to phone the boss to get a code, to authorise transaction. Why are you using us? Er, I happen to be here. The world has gone mad.

Pino, a greasy spoon cafe. Changed owners not many months ago. Has changed hands again. I am asked to try a coffee. I try an espresso. My expectations low. I am pleasantly surprised.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. As always deserted, though few people about. I do not understand how they survive. There fish n chips excellent. But an empty restaurant suggests otherwise.

On leaving Elite on the Bail it starts to rain. Now turning cold and wet.

Catch the Walk and Ride only fails to turn up. Walk down Steep Hill cold and wet

Pick up an umbrella from a charity shop.

Too late for a coffee at Coffee Aroma .

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