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Gatwick Airport ‘free’ wifi scam

October 6, 2014

Gatwick Airport used to charge for wifi access, now they provide 45 minutes free.

Only problem is you do not get 45 minutes free, not if you do not use continuously.

Used for 10-15 minutes, then wifi turned off, to use remaining minutes later.

Only like a stationary taxi, clock is still ticking.

Try accessing, will not allow, even though 30 minutes showed remaining.

Several hours later, ‘free’ wifi minutes have expired and expected to pay.

A big fail by Gatwick Airport which they need to address.

Free wifi on the beach

October 6, 2014
free wifi on the beach

free wifi on the beach

Wifi is an important determining factor when choosing a holiday destination, something hotels that charge for wifi should take due note of, but free wifi on the beach?

Free wifi if you pay for a sun bed, otherwise a fee is charged.

Hotels that charge for wifi when you can get free wifi in any bar or coffee bar for the price of a drink are living on another planet. A sure sign of a failing hotel. Those that provide free but unreliable wifi and internet connection need to up their game if they are to remain competitive.

Waitrose: free coffee, wifi and newspapers

March 15, 2014
Waitrose free wifi

Waitrose free wifi

I was aware Waitrose was giving free coffee to its customers, but had no idea how you obtained the free coffee.

As I was leaving, I noticed a sign free wifi and a lady drinking coffee.

I walked out, then thought, why not, and walked back in.

A little shelf, two high seats.

I asked the lady how she got her free coffee? She pointed to a coffee machine and said help yourself.

The coffee was not great, but it was free free, and far better than the overpriced vile tasting coffee served by Costa.

The lady asked how it was, and said make the most of it, accept it with grace, the generosity of Waitrose, there is not much in life that is free.

She asked, did I buy a newspaper?

I said no, they were propaganda sheets.

She asked had I been shopping in Waitrose?

I said yes.

She asked how much had I spent?

I said a little over ten pounds, which was surprising as I had bought very little.

She asked, did I know that if I spent over five pounds, I could pick up a free newspaper?

News to me. Asked did I have a Waitrose card, did I park a car, anything bar, would I like a free newspaper?

I asked, how did she know, as I had seen nothing to say free newspapers.

I asked how did she know?

She said her sister had told her.

I then decided to make use of the free wifi whilst drinking my free coffee.

Google Nexus 7 found and tried to connect to 02, but had difficulty obtaining an IP address. Nothing was connected.

I tried Google Chrome. I was redirected to O2. I was asked for my mobile number, to send me a code, allegedly for security.

Nothing happened.

I tried Starbucks. Connected, but so slow as to be unusable.

I tried O2 again.

Same problem as before. Then I found I had missed a digit from telephone number. Once corrected, a code was indeed sent.

Now, I am asked to enter personal data. Aha, not free at all, a scam to collect personal data. The excuse, a legal requirement to know who is using the network.

Then, I noticed I was connected, messages were coming through.

I ignored the questions, and used the free wifi.

On leaving Waitrose and heading to The Barn for lunch, a noticeable drop in temperature, now quite cold.

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