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Lack of covid-19 biosecurity Gatwick Airport

September 30, 2020

Gatwick South Terminal deserted.

With so few flights, why night flights permitted?

What is shocking Gatwick Airport one of the country’s busiest airports or was is that with the exception of hand sanitiser stations scattered around a complete lack of covidd-19 biosecurity.

No temperature screening on entry to the airport. No temperature screening at check-in. I cannot comment security checks, passport control, boarding, as I did not get that far. Nor was there any covid-19 testing available at the airport, nor in the locality.

Airports and airlines whinge about 14 day quarantine for arrivals from high risk countries and yet fail to put there own house in order.

There should be temperature screening, anyone with high temperature refused boarding but officered the option of a cvid19 test. A fast turn around as at Rome airport where they test and have result in loess than 30 minutes.

I am not suggesting instead of 14 day quarantine, I am proposing in addition to.

We are in the middle of a pandemic with cases rapidly rising, but would not think so with the caviller attitude taken by airlines and airports. Schools have more stringent protocol in place that Gatwick.

Cappuccino and toastie at Jamie’s Coffee

October 5, 2019

It is easy to see why Jamie’s Italian failed, a talented chef does not a successful chain make.

The same is true of Jamie’s Coffee at Gatwick North Terminal.

What started as a van, now a counter serving coffee, toasted sandwiches and cakes.

The coffee low quality Italian coffee, or was.

Not sure if still cheap Italian coffee as could not see what it was, but not good.

What is depressing is what could be.

Sussex and nearby Brighton no shortage of high quality coffee roasteries. This could be a coffee shop showcasing the best London, Sussex and Surrey has to offer on coffee, different rotation of guest coffee.

And you do not improve by wasting money on PR, improve by focusing on quality, buying speciality coffee, employing skilled baristas.

Cappuccino at Jamie’s 

November 2, 2017

OK,  but not great, drinkable.

Served too hot.

I wish Jamie Oliver would source quality beans not Italian catering supply beans for the catering trade.

There can be no excuse for using catering supply beans.

In London have Union and Square Mile.

In Sussex there is Horsham Coffee Roasters.

Down in Brighton there are several coffee roasters.

The flapjack was excellent. A pity the coffee not to the same high standard.

It took great self control to not eat all the flapjack and save half for a friend.

That was September.

I passed through again last night.

Coffee not good. Flapjack excellent. Half saved for breakfast this morning.

Coffee at Gatwick Airport

June 2, 2017

What is the point of serving coffee if you cannot make the effort to serve a decent cup of coffee?


My instinctive reaction to spit it out, undrinkable.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge is variable from poor to just about acceptable.

But why source a rubbish Italian brand for catering supplies when there are excellent coffee roasters to choose from in London and locally in Sussex?

A Gateway into the country, should not Jamie Oliver be showcasing the best coffee, a house blend and guest coffees?

If FCB can do it at Guildford and Brighton Stations, why cannot Jamie Oliver at Gatwick Airport?

Joes Coffee House

Joes Coffee House clams to be a coffee shop, but not a clue on coffee.

No idea of roast date, coffee not ground fresh for each cup, cappuccino made far too hot.

The porridge was ok and certainly better than the disgusting English breakfast served at Wetherspoon opposite.

They serve excellent fresh orange juice.

Sunrise at Gatwick Airport

October 6, 2014
sunrise at Gatwick Airport

sunrise at Gatwick Airport

Sunrise as seen from shuttle connecting North and South Terminals at Gatwick Airport at 0719 this morning.

Gatwick Airport ‘free’ wifi scam

October 6, 2014

Gatwick Airport used to charge for wifi access, now they provide 45 minutes free.

Only problem is you do not get 45 minutes free, not if you do not use continuously.

Used for 10-15 minutes, then wifi turned off, to use remaining minutes later.

Only like a stationary taxi, clock is still ticking.

Try accessing, will not allow, even though 30 minutes showed remaining.

Several hours later, ‘free’ wifi minutes have expired and expected to pay.

A big fail by Gatwick Airport which they need to address.

Breakfast with Jamie

February 20, 2013


Hop off the shuttle train at Gatwick Airport, walk into the terminal building, and a little van selling coffee with a few seats around, run by Jamie Oliver.

I thought at first giving out free coffee. No such luck. What it was was a promotion for breakafast. Only the breakfast was inside departures.

I fancied trying the breakfast but no time. I decided to try a bacon bap from the bakery side.

Now at the very least I expected fresh cooked bacon in a bap. But no. The bacon already cooked in a bap, which was then hotted up.

The sevice was abysmal. No one there but me, but I had to wait whilst the girl got around to serving me. Then when I handed over the money I was told go to a cash till. Another long wait. I left the money on the counter, said what I had, and walked out.

Unpleasant loud music blaring out. Not a pleasant place to relax and eat breakfast.

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