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Mow lawns hoe water

September 6, 2021

Lawns mowed. I am still on lower cut, surprised how much grass cut.

Several loads of grass. I ensured not the mistake of last time lawns mowed, not all went on the compost heaps.

Plants watered. They needed it.

Around the plants, soil hoed, though no weeds.

A hot day, next two days hotter, then thunderstorm maybe on Thursday.

Good deed of the day: A lady pulled up, smiled, waved, got out of her car. I assumed it must be someone I know, though no idea who. She was looking for a bungalow. I explained where to find what I thought she was looking for. I asked her to help herself to apples, windfalls. She gave me a jar of Washingborough honey to say thankyou.

Mowing weeding hoeing watering

August 4, 2021

Lawns mowed last Thursday, heavy torrential rain Friday, six days since last mowed and yet very little grass cut.

Soil is starting to dry out.

Hoed, a few weeds pulled. The plants watered.

Runner beans picked on Sunday. Already too big and old, and yet previous weekend tiny.

Cannot believe the size of two courgettes, the size of marrows. Maybe I should have picked sooner. Maybe they are marrows not courgettes. Never grown before therefore no idea.

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Hoeing and watering

July 22, 2021

A very hot day.

Wizz round, hoe, water, and that is it.

Digging out compost bins

July 7, 2021

Hard work.

The assumption, put grass, weeds, kitchen waste in the top, dig fresh compost out of the bottom.

Not quite. Digging away inside. Clumps of barely rotted grass, fibrous compost.

Barely rotted grass toss back in the top. Fibrous compost spread around courgettes.

Compost heaps are living organisms, communities of compost worms (Not earth worms) and microbes. Treat as living organisms, feed and take care of, and will be rewarded with rich compost.

Mowing lawns and planting out

July 2, 2021

Mowing lawns, little grass cut.

I was expecting rain later, but no rain. Heavy rain, possibly flooding, expected over the weekend.

A tomato plant and mint planted out. The mint in a box, otherwise it spreads everywhere.

Later, espresso tonic using Panama Geisha.

Spread compost around tomato plants

June 30, 2021

Very litle compost left to dig out and spread on the borders.

Yesterday, spread compost around tomato plants.

Today, was going to plant out remaining tomato plants, but decided too cold, will wait for another day. These are the tomato plants a couple of weeks ago from greengrocer that were in a very sory state, but have now picked up.

Once all the compost dug out, can start a new compost heap. It will start with brambles, thicker stuff, hedge clippings, to provide an open nbse that allows air to flow through the compost heap. This is the key to a well-made compost heap.

Mowing the lawns before thunderstorm

June 16, 2021

Very little grass cut, thunderstorms expected overnight.

Planting out runner beans

June 14, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I planted out runner beans that were becoming too tall.

I was two short. I planted sowed two beans outside, and half a dozen in a tray in the greenhouse.

The two outside have not sprouted, or they were eaten before I noticed them. The half a dozen in a card tray in the greenhouse only two have sprouted.

Not a very successful germination rate.

The two that have sprouted, the only tow that have sprouted, planted out today.

Planting out romano peppers

June 13, 2021

Two sorry looking romano peppers appear to have recovered. Time to plant out on a hot day.

I wish I could say the same of two tomato plants, which have not recovered from their sorry state.

Garden mid-June

June 12, 2021

Lowering the cut of the mower yesterday, had I got it correct, was the grass cut too short?

Walking on the grass today, springy, I think I have it correct.

Garden, summer flowers in full bloom. Bees are enjoying the flowers.

Pepper plants I bought on Thursday seem to have picked up. Sadly I cannot say the same for the tomato plants. Maybe I will plant out the peppers tomorrow.

Of six runners beans sowed, only two have sprouted in the greenhouse, of the two outside, nothing.

It turned into a hot day. Next few days will be hotter.

After very late lunch of pork and garlic mushroom gnocchi relaxed in the garden with an espresso tonic, a refreshing cold drink on a hot day.

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