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Mowing the lawns before thunderstorm

June 16, 2021

Very little grass cut, thunderstorms expected overnight.

Planting out runner beans

June 14, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I planted out runner beans that were becoming too tall.

I was two short. I planted sowed two beans outside, and half a dozen in a tray in the greenhouse.

The two outside have not sprouted, or they were eaten before I noticed them. The half a dozen in a card tray in the greenhouse only two have sprouted.

Not a very successful germination rate.

The two that have sprouted, the only tow that have sprouted, planted out today.

Planting out romano peppers

June 13, 2021

Two sorry looking romano peppers appear to have recovered. Time to plant out on a hot day.

I wish I could say the same of two tomato plants, which have not recovered from their sorry state.

Garden mid-June

June 12, 2021

Lowering the cut of the mower yesterday, had I got it correct, was the grass cut too short?

Walking on the grass today, springy, I think I have it correct.

Garden, summer flowers in full bloom. Bees are enjoying the flowers.

Pepper plants I bought on Thursday seem to have picked up. Sadly I cannot say the same for the tomato plants. Maybe I will plant out the peppers tomorrow.

Of six runners beans sowed, only two have sprouted in the greenhouse, of the two outside, nothing.

It turned into a hot day. Next few days will be hotter.

After very late lunch of pork and garlic mushroom gnocchi relaxed in the garden with an espresso tonic, a refreshing cold drink on a hot day.

  • PHOTOS espresso tonic

Lowering the cut of lawn mower

June 11, 2021

Gardener lowered the cut Saturday last week.

I decided I would try the same.

I first tried a sample cut without lowering, nothing.

Made a big difference. Too short, I am not sure.

Romano peppers I picked up yesterday look ok, tomatoes no.

  • PHOTOS Lowering the cut of lawn mower

Hoeing the borders

June 6, 2021

Every day, either out or working in the garden.

Yesterday, lawns mowed with a different mower, but too short. Now I am hoping for heavy rain to give the lawns and garden a good soaking.

The soil is like dust, ideal for hoeing.

If it rains and the soil well soaked, spread compost over the borders. All the more reason to hoe.

Bare spaces, I will try and obtain a few tomato plants.

Spring flowers now long gone, summer flowers.

Mowing the lawns with a different lawn mower

June 5, 2021

Lawns were only mowed midweek on Wednesday, but already needed mowing.

Gardener arrived. As he brought his mower, I asked after strimming the edges to mow the lawns. I wished to see what difference a different mower would make.

Test strip grass cut too short, far too short. Raised the cut, but still too short. Easy to see, grass too short, the amount of grass filling the hopper, and scalping the ground in places.

Half of front lawn cut too short. Height raised. Now about right. Big difference, grass springy to walk on.

Poppies that were in flower early in the week, already gone over but more about to flower.

Planting out

May 31, 2021

Yesterday a hole dug a spade deep for a courgette plant, backfilled with compost and soil. Last week or so, compost spread on bed for runner beans.

Today, time to start planting out.

Two more holes dug for courgette plants. A spade deep, hit stony layer. Do courgettes self pollinate or do need two or more plants? Each plant has make and female flowers.

Tomato plants Alissa Craig.

Runner beans var Scarlet Emperor.

Watered in later. Water around the plants to encourage the roots into surrounding soil.

Mowing the lawns and spreading compost

May 23, 2021

I have lost count, maybe eight times mowing of the lawns. Heavy rain every day, even though cool, grass is growing fast, could have been cut a few days ago.

Digging out the old compost heap, evening yesterday spread on the bed for runner beans, more spread today.

A little weeding.

The plants I picked up a few days ago, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, were looking very sad and dejected when arrived home, but a little water, and they are now looking fine.

These to be planted out soon, when grown a little more and temperature not so cold. The courgettes require a hole dug, a mix of compost and soil in the hole. Helps to keep the roots moist, they need a lot of water.

Mowing the lawns

May 11, 2021

I am losing track, maybe now six times mowing the lawns.

Mowed on Monday, eight days since last mowed.

It is find days when dry not raining. I had intended Sunday, but must have rained in the night everywhere wet.

No sooner did I start mowing Monday, a heavy rain shower, I was cold, drenched to the skin, but decided to carry on.

Most of the tulips now over. One solitary tulip, was white, now a light pink cum mauve. A few red tulips still in flower.

Raked bed for runner bean, too cold to sow. I also need to spread compost when have dug out old compost heap. Now ideal as soil is wet from days of rain. Before soil was too dry. Spreading compost will help to retain the moisture.

Today, loosen and transferred from old compost heap to new. Pleased to find, as did a few days ago, a thriving colony of compost worms. A few of the compost worms transferred to compost bins in the front garden.

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