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via Metro

November 29, 2019

Last day of October, up late, no sun, misty.

A day of hunderstorms and heavy rain.

A day for the Metro.

Buy a Metro ticket for 24 hours at Acropoli Metro Station. Had I noticed, I would have bought from ticket office as was open, rather than struggle with ticket machines.

To Peristeri, last but one stop on Red Line to visit Mind the Cup.

Unfortunately who I wished to see not there. My fault, had I left earlier I would have caught her.

It then chucked it down. Streets awash with water.

Excellent cappuccino.

It was then to Syntagma and back out on the Blue Line to Ethniki Amyna.

I was after Kudu Coffee Roasters.

Not a pleasant area, at least not walking along the busy polluted roads, but Kudu excellent coffee shop, excellent coffee.

But tea pigs tea, no way.

Dinner in Plaka. It had been a wet day, I half expected to find restaurant closed, instead I find a party.

Late night party until gone midnight, everywhere dark. Excellent musician playing.

A day of no sun

November 29, 2019

Last day of October, awoke and arose late.

No sun. A day of thunderstorms and heavy rain, the streets awash with water.

A day for the Metro.

Massive thunderstorm

September 22, 2015

During the day, 29C, clear blue sky.

This evening, big black cloud covering half the sky. Lightning every few seconds, then more frequent, less than a second between the flashes. And yet strangely silent.

I was sat on a rocky headland watching the display. Maybe not the best place to be.


September 27, 2014

poor visibility


poor visibility



A trip to Sirena Bay, but advised not, as a storm about to hit.

From balcony of room with a view, an impressive thunderstorm, cracks of thunder, lightening, rain sweeping across the sea.

For a brief period, sun peeped through the clouds, a rainbow over the sea, then an hour or so later storm returned, at night a third storm.

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