El Café del Aguere

El Café del Aguere

El Café del Aguere



Hotel Aguere

Hotel Aguere

Hotel Aguere

Hotel Aguere

I was told of this coffee shop, I was told it was good.

Located in Hotel Aguere, an old hotel in the centre of La Laguna, an old colonial town, the original capital of Tenerife.

Tiny, with seating outside, and seating within the courtyard of Hotel Aguere.

Next door a fashion shop.

Good, an understatement, an excellent coffee shop, a very professional barista.

It is always a pleasure watching a skilled barista at work, engaging in conversation.

Interesting how the cappuccino was poured, half way, a small amount of cocoa added, then filled.

The beans were from Colombia, imported via Spain, even showing the roast date. The barista had visited the coffee farm in Colombia.

Coffee beans supplied by SupraCafé.

If you want good coffee, you need the equipment, a skilled barista and quality beans.

Generally, a good coffee is a coffee without defects in its flavour, such as excessive bitterness or acidity. A good espresso should be sweet without the need for adding sugar or milk. This is reasonably easy to achieve if you respect each step: the origin of coffee, roasting, packaging, water, grinding, maintenance of the coffee makers and the barista’s techniques. It seems complicated, yet these steps are key to obtaining a good espresso!

If you appreciate good coffee, then El Café del Aguere a must visit in La Laguna, indeed even worth a visit to La Laguna.

On a par with the best coffee shops in England.

A very popular coffee shop, word-of-mouth.

Although I was there primarily for the coffee, I was feeling peckish and decided to have  a bocadillo con tortilla. It was excellent. It is surprising how satisfying simple fare can be.

Hotel Aguere: Casa de los Marqueses de Torrehermosa, constructed April 1736.

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