La Cafeína


WTF no way is this a cappuccino

WTF no way is this a cappuccino

El Café del Aguere is the coffee shop in La Laguna.

There is another coffee shop, La Cafeína, around the corner.

Last week I looked in, I guessed around 50 varieties of coffee beans, they said 47. I asked a few questions. Most important. when was the roast date? They did not know, could not see why I asked. Clueless on coffee. I walked out.

Yesterday, I decided to investigate further.

I ordered a cappuccino.

WTF. I do not know what it was, but it was  not a cappuccino.

I do not like to be served a takeaway, but a takeaway would have been preferable to being served in  a plastic cup.

I have never before been served a coffee that had a bad smell. Unpleasant taste, yes, undrinkable, yes, but bad smell, no.  Bad smell an understatement, this stank, it was as though a rat had died and rotted.

No way was I going to drink it.

I took a very tiny sip. It was undrinkable, scalding hot, brewed in an automatic machine.

Where was the skill of the barista? No barista worthy of the name serves scalding hot, not unless you wish to serve undrinkable coffee.  And no barista worthy of the name would be using an automatic machine.

I asked to look at the beans, to smell them.

Usually beans have a wonderful aroma. Not these. I have had beans smell earthy, but these had a disgusting smell.

One look, and I could see something was wrong, very wrong.

They were not roasted, they were burnt to a cinder.

And they were not, as I had assumed, stored in glass jars, they were stored in plastic jars.

Leaving my coffee untouched, I advised they threw the beans in the bin, then walked out.

I cannot understand how anyone could drink this disgusting coffee, especially  when around the corner, El Café del Aguere, the best coffee shop on the island.

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