Afternoon in Heighington



Heighington is a small village of stone cottages in Lincolnshire, a little further out than Washingborough.

Washingborough sits on the escarpment of Lincoln Edge overlooking the River Witham. Heighington is on the other side of the slope.

Lunch at the Butcher and Beast, one of two pubs in Heighington, the other The Turks Head. Butcher and Beast is much overrated for its food. The home made mushroom soup was excellent, the same could not be said for their fish n chips. Tuesday being fresh fish day.

After lunch a wonder around the village. I found it to be much larger than I expected, footpaths and narrow lanes running off the main road through the village, a very fast running beck running through the village.

A narrow path ran along the Beck to another road, and a large water mill. I was surprised at the size of it. Similar in size to the water mill in the centre of Winchester (behind Winchester Cathedral). The water mill now residential, no information on the mill.

The village must be on a spring line, this is the location of most of these villages. Water pumps everywhere, but sadly none were working (unless they were for show). During the heavy rain before Christmas, springs were erupting everywhere in Heighington.

Interesting tiling on the outside of the village Post Office. Inside, much smaller than would expect from the exterior. The Post Office was also a little deli, excellent cakes, cheeses.

I was thinking what is needed is a little tea shop. I walked around the corner and there by the Heighington Beck, a little tea shop, Beckside Tea Room. A pleasant place to sit in the summer. I returned later for afternoon tea and was told brown trout in the Beck.

I was curious where the Beck was sourced, but no one knew.

Along one of the roads, I spotted a church, but I did not investigate as it is very rare to find open.

Were this village in the Cotswolds it would be busy, lots of little shops and tea shops. Apart from a few dog walkers, then kids coming home from school, the streets were deserted.

No information anywhere about the village.

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