Beckside Tea Room

Beckside Tea Room

Beckside Tea Room

Beckside Tea Room is located next to the Beck in Heighington, a Lincolnshire village near Washingborough, not far from Lincoln.

I can see this to be a pleasant location in summer, not so in winter. No very warm and no obvious signs of heating.

I had looked in whilst wandering around Heighington, thinking would it not be nice a tea room, as I walked alongside the Heighington Beck, then noticed Beckside Tea Room.

I popped back and had tea.

No expresso machne, only filter coffee. The tea was made from a tea bag, which was squashed. Never make tea from a tea bag, and if you must, then please do not squash it.

As a result the tea was too strong.

There were speciality teas on offer. Hopefully not from a squashed tea bag.

Home made soup, much cheaper than Butcher and Beast. Today’s offering tomato and lentil.

Home made cakes. These were very cheap at £1-40 a slice. Having not long had lunch, I did not try.

Rather strange, the tea shop also sold game: peasant, partridge, duck, rabbit, hare.

The also sold fresh eggs from a local farm. Eggs sold in supermarkets are not fresh.

The lady serving was not very friendly, though she did open up. Maybe bored, maybe worried not making any money, maybe bored stiff no customers or maybe just shy. Once she opened up she was quite friendly and she was kind enough to order a taxi (tried two taxi companies). Moral of the story, do not prejudge people, you may be wrong.

She told me there was brown trout in the beck, though did not know its source.

When I looked in it was empty, when I returned for afternoon tea it was empty. I always though bring people in. Before I left, all the tables were occupied, all three of them. Lovely heavy wooden tables with wooden chairs.

I suggested she be on TripAdvisor. In the summer, an afternoon wander around the village, or maybe follow the many footpaths leading out of Heighington, then relax with afternoon tea (not from tea bags) by the beck.


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