Late afternoon in the snow

a glimpse of Washingborough Hall through the trees

a glimpse of Washingborough Hall through the trees

entrance to Washingborough  Hall

entrance to Washingborough Hall

Morning a taxi landed in the garden. Baffled how it got there and the driver vanished without paying for damage caused.

Midday clearing snow off the drive, then with help of neighbours, clearing the road, or as best we could.

A lot more snow had fallen than I realised until I started clearing it. Around twice the depth of snow to a couple of days ago. An hour and a half snow clearing.

Late afternoon, the light was failing, I decided to take a walk in the countryside.

Up Church Hill, past Washingborough Hall, over the main road, and down Cliff Lane.

The roads were slush, but once over the main road and into Cliff Lane, hard crushed snow and crunch snow, Very slippery. Concentrate and you are ok, let mind wander a moment and whoosh, you are over. I was over 2-3 times.

There must have been a blizzard in the night, trees, bushes branches and posts white with snow down one side.

As I was coming back up the lane, I did not go far down as light dropping and too slippery, a young woman came by in a car. I stood to one side. She drove by, gave me a big smile. Tied to the back of her car was a kid on a sledge. Fun but very dangerous. Only a short rope, had she stopped suddenly, the kid would have been in the back of the car or under the car.

There was no way she was going to get back up the hill, and that was assuming she was able to turn her car around, as I was having difficulty walking. If she was travelling constant speed, then maybe she would get back up the hill, but try change speed, her wheels would spin and she would be stuck or worse be off the lane and into a field or ditch.

I talked to a man with a 4×4 and expressed my concern. He agreed, it was pretty crazy what she had done. Though to be fair to her, she seeemed ok and unlike the drivers I had so far seen that day, she could be someone who knew how to drive in the snow though without a 4×4 I had my doubts she could get up the hill.

He had a Land Rover a real 4×4 and said he would drive down and see she was ok. I offered to go with him, but he said he would be ok.

I then met a little girl, she was leading a dog and the dog was pulling a sledge. I asked her why she was not in the sledge with the dog pulling? She said he would, but he liked to walk around and she was letting him warm up first. I warned her to to take care as there would be cars coming up the lane.

By now dusk.

Some drivers should not be let out. On the main road one was driving along, headlights on, but the front of the car covered with an inch or more of snow and lights barely visible. Another car sidelights only, again barely visible.

Now stiff and ache all over. A combination of shifting snow and slipping over in the snow.

More snow expected more snow to clear.

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