Lunch at the Butcher and Beast

Butcher and Beast

Butcher and Beast

mushroom soup

mushroom soup

fried haddock in batter

fried haddock in batter

Butcher and Beast is one of two pubs in the Lincolnshire village of Heighington, not far from Washingborough, a little way out from Lincoln.

A small pub with an open coal fire in the winter.

Interesting old photos on the walls. One showed hay making. It could have been a scene from Cider With Rosie. Apart from the ancient tractor, this was farming as it had always been. The date was 1948. Farming changed rapidly after the Second World War.

Lincolnshire is an agricultural county, and yet Lincoln a centre of heavy industry. Its origins producing agricultural machinery. The engineering companies and foundries long gone, replaced by retail sheds skilled work replaced by low paid unskilled workers. The foundries created wealth for the area, the retail sheds drain money out of the local economy.

A small bar with a selection of real ales, mainly Bateman’s, a Lincolnshire beer. I had water.

Butcher and Beast has a reputation for good food. I was disappointed.

The home made mushroom soup was excellent. The choice was mushroom or potato and leek.

Tuesday is fish day. They have a fresh delivery of fish from Grimsby on a Tuesday, and that was the reason for being there. Fish n chips is not something I would normally eat in a pub as they usually do a poor job and the Butcher and Beast was no exception.

The fried haddock was served on a cold plate with a tiny bit of salad. Chips and mushy peas were served in separate dishes.

They had not troubled to take the skin off the haddock, and I did not think to ask. Leave the skin on haddock and it taints the fish, giving it a vile taste.

Looking at what other people had, it did not look appetising.

Butcher and Beast has a good reputation. If this is what classes as good locally, I hate to think what the other places are like.

I was looking forward to the fish n chips. I was in for a disappointment. And at £8-95 it was very expensive for fish n chips.

Far better fish n chips can be had at the fish n chip shop in nearby Washingborough, at the Elite fish n chip restaurant on Tritton Road (near junction with Doddington Road) in Lincoln, and (I am told) from the fish n chip on Burton Road in Lincoln.

Butcher and Beast is not somewhere I will be returning to, at least not for its fish n chips.

Afternoon spent wandering around Heighington, apart from stone cottages not a lot to see, then afternoon tea at the Beckside Tea Room, by the Heighington Beck.

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