Dysfunctional Stagecoach

Chaos at bus stop, Princess Gardens in Aldershot.  Usual dysfunctional Stagecoach.

No 4 and 5 bus now run from a different bus stop.

No notice at bus stop to advise of change. I wondered why extra buses were showing on the display. I thought maybe a system malfunction. I double checked from where they usually depart. No longer displayed, but a new bus route displayed.

Driver of No 5 bus not aware either, sails past until flagged down by angry passengers.

It makes sense that No 4 and 5 buses depart from the same bus stop as No 17, 18 and 19, as all go to Farnham, albeit No 4 and 5 go all round the houses. But it is advisable to let passengers and drivers know.

No 1 bus has for a couple of weeks displayed a poster stating revised timetable. Not yet seen a single timetable on the buses.

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