Afternoon in Farnham

Like a River Gently Flows of daffodils

Like a River Gently Flows of daffodils

A bus late, I miss next bus, rather a long wait, I catch a slow bus.

Chaos at bus stop, usual dysfunctional Stagecoach. No notice at bus stop to advise of change. I wondered why extra buses were showing on the display. I thought maybe a system malfunction. I double checked from where they usually depart. No longer displayed, but a new bus route displayed. Driver not aware either, sails past until flagged down by angry passengers.

On No 1 bus, there has been a notice advising of changes to the bus timetable. I have yet to see new timetables on the buses.

River Wey running high and fast.

Between Farnham and Alton there has been a landslip due to the heavy rain. No trains running. Clapped out replacement bus service.

Downing Street greengrocer

Downing Street greengrocer last day

A sad day, end of an era, the greengrocer in Downing Street last day.

A very cold day, it starts to snow.

Last weekend it was very cold, as though winter had retuned. Tuesday it was a lovely warm sunny spring day, I sat in the garden reading And the weak suffer what they must? Today winter has once again returned.

Very grateful for pea and spinach and mint soup in Krema. As always, excellent soup.

Would you like a cappuccino? Not today, I am trying coffee in Downing Street Deli. OK, let us know what it is like.

Downing Street Deli

Downing Street Deli

Last week, only a few days open, Downing Street Deli was more like a coffee shop cum tea shop in a parlour masquerading as a deli. Today more like a tea shop in a corner shop.

Guy on deli side, very knowledgeable on what he is serving. Coffee bloody awful.

It then turned a little warmer.

The Italian fashion shop which closed some months ago, being turned into a double glazing show room.  Did they really have to paint the shop front a yuk dark brown, out of keeping with the street? Sadly some businesses do not care what damage they do.

Looked in the Parish Church. Tilford Bach Society rehearsing. I picked up three CDs  of live recoding of the society, free give a donation. I gave them all my loose change, which meant nothing for the candle I lit. I will leave something on my next visit.

Then a walk to Bishop’s Meadow. I walked across to the river but not around. It would have been too muddy. It was waterlogged, pools of surface water.

And the weak suffer what they must? on display in Waterstone’s window.

When are Waitrose going to deal with the girl who has her hair hanging loose over the deli counter?  At least no long wait at the checkouts. A pleasant change. Though more due to lack of customers than improved service by Waitrose.

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