Misty morning in Lincoln

Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

misty morning on the  River Witham

misty morning on the River Witham

Later than other mornings, 9-15am, the High Street all but deserted. A couple of days ago, grim faced workers with determined stride, I guess by this time of morning already at work, or as cold and foggy, inside warm shops.

Looked in Stokes on High Bridge. Already quite busy.

Turn left at the Stonebow, opposite the back entrance to the bank on the corner, up a narrow flight of steps, a laptop shop, Springbok Computers. Knowledgeable staff.

A detour to The Collection. No exhibitions on until early February, then an exploration of 6,000 years of history and archaeology. This will be held in cooperation with Lincoln Cathedral, but it is a bit off will still have to pay admission to the Cathedral to gain access to the exhibition.

Stokes at the Collection, is an indie coffee bar run by Stokes.

It had been foggy all morning. Very misty climbing up The Strait and Steep Hill.

Olibers coffee shop was not open on my way up, no indication when open. In fact few shops were open. On my way down (lunchtime), a couple of people in Olibers. I am at a loss how Olibers can survive (I doubt it will).

Through Bailgate, left along Westgate that follows the Castle walls, and into Burton Road. Little there to make it worth the effort. Very cold walking along Westgate in the freezing fog.

The Old Bakery in Burton Road is now a restaurant. Looking through the window it looked interesting inside. Closed, no indication when open. I am at a loss how these businesses survive, closed, no indication when open.

A little further along, opposite side of the road, a coffee bar, Greenhouse coffee shop. Delicious looking home made cakes, but no time to try.

Opposite the West Gate of Lincoln Castle, The Lawn, a historic building, which the Council sold off against very strong local opposition.

Outside the West Gate two old pubs.

In Rasen Lane there was The Lord Tennyson, baffled why I could not find it, I learnt it had been demolished. The oldest Victorian building in Rasen Lane, in a historic part of the city, destroyed. Once again planners in the pocket of developers, the City Council the developers best friend.

Back down into the town, then on to Elite Fish n Chip Restaurant for lunch on the south side of the town.


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