Destruction of The Lord Tennyson

The Lord Tennyson

The Lord Tennyson

What sort of vandals destroy a Victorian pub?

Greedy developers aided and abetted by planners.

In Rasen Lane there was The Lord Tennyson, baffled why I could not find it, I learnt it had been demolished. The oldest Victorian building in Rasen Lane, in a historic part of the city, destroyed. Once again planners in the pocket of developers, the City Council the developers best friend.

The Lord Tennyson in Rasen Street in Lincoln, not far from Lincoln Castle, was the oldest Victorian building in the street. The site of The Lord Tennyson pub has been occupied by the licenced trade since 1849 and was at one time a pub known as The Royal George. An old map shows that it’s been around since before 1848.

The Lord Tennyson was sold by Punch Taverns to a developer.

Punch Taverns is a zombie company that went on a mass pending spree and is now laden with debt. It is unable to service the debt or can only do so by selling off pubs or jacking up the rents to pub landlords to affordable rents.

A zombie company is one that is in a hole, drowning in debt, with no hope of paying off the loan, which is barely able to pay the interest on the loan, not able to invest in the company.

The Tumbledown Dick in Farnborough faces the same unless development for a drive in McDonald’s can be stopped.

Lincoln City Council has an excellent track record of destroying or selling off heritage: The Brayford up until the 1960s had its mills and warehouse which could have been renovated, The Lawn has been sold off, Sincil Street is facing destruction.

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