Oliver’s coffee shop

Olibers coffee shop in The Strait

Olibers coffee shop in The Strait

Oliver’s coffee shop in The Strait, whenever I have passed by has been empty. Today was no exception.

Bare scrubbed tables, attractively done out, but it lacks warmth.

I was served by a nine-year-old waitress. I ordered tea.

Chatting to the nine-year-old (she said she was ten in a few days time), I asked her if the cakes were home made. She said yes, and that she had made the chocolate cakes. I drew to her attention no cakes on display. She drew my attention to the sign on the wall that said the cakes on offer. I said yes but having delicious looking cakes on display tempts one to eat them.

I was earlier in Stokes tea shop on the High Bridge and they had the most delicious home made cakes on display. Very tempting.

I told my new found friend of NeverSeconds. She was quite interested and said she would look it up.

I asked the attractive blonde behind the counter who seemed to be in charge of the coffee, where it was sourced from and was it fair trade? She apologised for not knowing as she was new and learning. She said the coffee was not Stokes and did not know the coffee fair trade or not. There was no sign to say where the coffee was sourced from or if it was fair trade.

The tea was cheap tea found in a café.

As I left, a few people walked in. I walked up The Strait and Steep Hill. When I passed by on my way down, now gone midday, lunchtime, the place was empty.

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