Greenhouse coffee shop

Greenhouse coffee shop

Greenhouse coffee shop

I had been told by Café 44 in Sincil Street that it was from Greenhouse they sourced their cakes, and it was well worth a visit, hence my climb up The Strait and Steep Hill on a misty morning and along Burton Road.

An attractive looking little coffee bar, with delicious looking cakes.

I unfortunately lacked the time to try anything. When I arrived, it was fairly empty, but on leaving it was starting to fill up. I assume the lunchtime trade.

Very friendly, all the customers were greeted by name.

I queried why they did not serve Stokes coffee. I was told that as 90% of the indie coffee shops locally were serving Stokes, they wished to offer something different. Which I guess is fair enough.

A cake and a coffee less than four pounds.

Why pay a fiver with a bit of loose change in Costa for rubbish coffee and factory cake when get get quality coffee and delicious cakes in an indie coffee shop with character?

From the town, quite a haul to the Greenhouse coffee shop, but if in Lincoln Castle, wishing to visit the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, then exit out of the recently opened West Gate, walk along Burton Road and Greenhouse coffee shop is an ideal halfway rest for replenishments.

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