Martha, Meals and Malawi

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

 finishing the sign

finishing the sign

Martha Payne is a nine-year-old food blogger who makes more intelligent comments on food than most adults, her food blog is one of the best food blogs around. Endorsed by chef Jamie Oliver.

Maybe that is why useless jobsworths at her local tried to close down her blog.

She used her blog to raise money for a food kitchen in Malawi called Friends of NeverSeconds.

She was invited to Malawi to inaugurate the kitchen.

On her return to England, she was a guest on the One Show with Jamie Oliver, later that evening she was guest of honour at his restaurant in London, Union Jacks.

BBC is a public Service broadcaster, paid for out of taxation. Sometimes they appear to forget the meaning of the words ‘public service’.

A documentary of her trip, Martha, Meals and Malawi, was broadcast by the BBC, but only on BBC Scotland. It and the One Show were available on-line, but only for seven days and only accessible from the UK.

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One Response to “Martha, Meals and Malawi”

  1. keithpp Says:

    An updated Martha, Meals and Malawi will show over Christmas. BBC Scotland, BBC News Channel and BBC World (26 December, check local schedule).

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