Martha and Jamie on the One Show

Martha and Jamie on the  One Show

Martha and Jamie on the One Show

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

Just asked Martha what she enjoyed most at One Show. “When Jamie Oliver produced a photo of me and asked for my autograph!” she grinned. – David Payne, father of Martha

The One Show is a tacky TV programme on BBC One, presenters with plastic smile, patronising and condescending the the audience, makes my skin crawl. Not a programme I would normally choose to watch, but very very occasionally it is worth watching.

One such evening a couple of nights ago was when Jamie Oliver and Martha Payne were guests on the One Show.

Few people can have done more than chef Jamie Oliver to raise awareness of the rubbish schools are feeding kids. All his hard work has systematically been undone by the ConDem government. Dogs have higher standards than kids have for school dinners.

But as Jamie says, the ConDem government will not be around for much longer, whereas he will still be around.

Kids only get one chance. There is a disconnect in the brains of parents who take their children to eat at McDonald’s. We have an epidemic of childhood obesity.

Lessons are not being learnt. In the USA, an explosion in childhood obesity followed a relaxation of the standards for school meals, a relaxation of physical exercise, and to make matters even worse, many schools are granting fast food outlets concessions to operate on school premises.

The London 2012 Olympics was sponsored by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadbury’s. What message did that send out to children, an Olympics that was supposed to leave a sporting legacy (though no one has yet to see any evidence of this sporting legacy).

Children need good nutrition when at school (for kids from poor and/or dysfunctional families, it may be the only decent meal they get). Kids need to learn about food, how it is grown, how it is prepared, these are basic life skills.

If anyone has done even more than Jamie Oliver to raise food awareness, it is nine-year-old Martha Payne and her food blog NeverSeconds, a blog pathetic jobsworh at her local council tried to shut down.

Since the summer, NeverSeconds has had guest blogs from schoolchildren from around the world.

Martha has recently returned from Malawi, where she opened a school kitchen called Friends of NeverSeconds. It was Martha, through her blog, who raised the funds for Friends of NeverSeconds.

Martha has been nominated for the Derek Cooper food award. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient and was pleased to have been one of those who nominated her.

Martha does not just write her blog, she also works on the family smallholding, and she knows how to cook.

BBC once again shoots itself in the foot. This programme is only available on-line until 22 October 2012. Hopefully some kind soul will upload to youtube.

On the One Show says Martha in Malawi on BBC Scotland on iPlayer, but fails to provide a link. Why only Scotland?

Luckily Martha provided a link on her blog.

The Malawi trip is also only going to be on-line until 22 October 2012. What is wrong with the BBC?

Following their appearance on the One Show, they went to eat at Union Jacks, a restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver.

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