You Know Where to Find Me

A live broadcast by Imogen Heap of the latest Heapsong You Know Where to Find Me on Google+ using Google Hangout, which was also broadcast live on youtube on her youtube channel.

There was a delay of about 15 minutes before the broadcast started.

A long preamble by Imogen Heap on how You Know Where to Find Me came to be written.

It was about the River Thames, its different moods, how people viewed and interacted with The Thames.

There was an attempt to compose in a boat overlooking The Thames.

Imogen then shot up to Edinburgh, to record the song on various pianos in different houses.

For the last few months she has been trying to put it all together.

She played You Know Where to Find Me, but warned it would not be very good as she had not played it live before and advised to watch her video for a more polished version.

Not satisfied, she stopped, apologised, then started again from the third verse. An amazing difference.

Surprisingly the sound quality was quite good (though sound levels very low), the video ok, especially for a live streaming event.

I wondered why there was a secondary video at the bottom of the screen. This was for video conferencing, and became apparent when Imogen brought other people in for a jam session. Around half a dozen people joined in.

The jam session did not work too well. People were too loud, sound very distorted and video quality very poor.

I have not had time to listen to Imogen Heap since she was in the boat during the summer. I had forgotten how talented she is.

For someone who knows how to use social media, interacts with those who enjoy her music, I am amazed Imogen Heap does not release on bandcamp as better for her and better for those who love her music.

Heapsongs will be released as an album May 2013, with 12 maybe 13 songs. Following release, Imogen Heap will tour.

You Know Where to Find Me

You Know Where to Find Me

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