Lunch at Debenhams

roast pork with the full trimmings

roast pork with the full trimmings

Debenhams is not somewhere one would think of for lunch, and yet the restaurant in Debenhams in Guildford is quite popular.

I was on my way to eat at the Guildford Institute, which is always good on a Friday, but thought I would take a look in Debenhams.

It was roast pork, with all the trimmings.

The pork was slightly overdone, which meant it was slightly dry, but the crackling was lovely and crisp, the carrots slightly underdone, the roast potatoes a little over done. Nevertheless it was a good meal and they are not stingy with the portions. At a little over £7, reasonable value for money.

The restaurant overlooks the River Wey.

view of River Wey from restaurant

view of River Wey from restaurant

It was a miserable day, raining all day. Whilst in Debenhams it poured, and so I was stuck there for a while.

When it eased off, I decided to walk up to the Guildford Institute. They have lovely desserts. I was though too late, the lady serving was leaving early as she was catching a train to Bristol. I did though manage to get a cake a pot of tea, which at £1-70 very good value.

It was a miserable cold wet day and I would not have been out at all, but that evening I was at the E-debate at the Electric Theatre, one of the events of the Guildford Book Festival, therefore it was hang around Guildford all afternoon. I did though manage to pick up 2001: A Space Odyssey from Ben’s Records. It was then dinner at The Keystone, where the food is always good, then to the Electric Theatre a few minutes walk away.

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