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Child 31 – The Story of Mary’s Meals

November 18, 2013
Martha Payne and Jamie Oliver

Martha Payne and Jamie Oliver

I had never heard of Mary’s Meals, until Martha Payne wrote of Mary’s Meals on her excellent blog NeverSeconds, and through her blog, raised money for a school kitchen in Malawi.

Why a school kitchen is important, is that the children get fed one decent meal a day, and it encourages them to go to school.

NeverSeconds exceeds nine million hits

December 31, 2012
Martha's younger sister playing with the kids

Martha’s younger sister Polly playing with the kids

Martha relaxing after handing out backpacks

Martha relaxing after handing out backpacks

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Martha is such an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference. She’s a true hero. — Jamie Oliver

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. — Paulo Coelho

An amazing year for Martha Payne, who who eight months ago as a nine-year old Scottish schoolgirl set up a food blog to rate her school dinners. Little did she know what the year would bring.

Although she set up her blog NeverSeconds at the end of April, her first real post was early May. That first entry saw over 35,000 visits to her blog.

A blog that was well written, thoughtful. Something for everyone to be proud of. Not though Argyll and Bute Council. Instead of highlighting her as an example of the high standard of education in Scotland, they lied, they smeared the family and bully-boys at the council tried to shut her blog down.

They picked on the wrong person. Martha stood firm. She was honoured by Liberty for standing up for free speech.

Argyll and Bute Council have still to apologise for bullying a nine-year-old schoolgirl, for lying, for smearing a decent family.

Not content with writing about her school dinners she shared her blog with others. She invited schoolchildren from around the world to write guest blogs. When they did, they only served to emphasise how disgusting were the school dinners in Scotland. She inspired others to write blogs, to campaign for better conditions in their schools. She used her bog to raise money via Mary’s Meals for schoolchildren in Malawi.

Martha was invited to Malawi to inaugurate a school kitchen for which she had raised the money. She and her family travelled to Malawi.

With her father David, Martha has co-authored a book NeverSeconds which documents her eventful year. For each copy sold, 25 meals for Malawi.

Shame on Waterstone’s, a disgrace as a bookshop chain, better described as a chain that sells books, for failing to have NeverSeconds on display, whose staff have not a clue.

Martha is not the only person to be treated in a disgraceful manner by Waterstone’s. Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho got the same treatment last year when he released Aleph.

Martha has featured in most of the year end reviews for 2012.

As the year draws to a close, Cargo Publishing are to be praised for their generosity in making NeverSeconds available for download at 99p. In reality this is a donation of 25 meals to Malawi with a free copy of NeverSeconds.

As the minutes drain away from the final hours of 2012, what better way to thank Martha than to see her blog pass nine million visits.

Martha is the good news story of 2012. Please tell all your friends.

Well done Martha. We are all very proud of you. Every award you received during the year was well and truly deserved.

Never let it be said one person cannot achieve a lot. This is what Martha achieved in 2012. What are you going to achieve in 2013?

Martha, Meals and Malawi

October 19, 2012
NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

 finishing the sign

finishing the sign

Martha Payne is a nine-year-old food blogger who makes more intelligent comments on food than most adults, her food blog is one of the best food blogs around. Endorsed by chef Jamie Oliver.

Maybe that is why useless jobsworths at her local tried to close down her blog.

She used her blog to raise money for a food kitchen in Malawi called Friends of NeverSeconds.

She was invited to Malawi to inaugurate the kitchen.

On her return to England, she was a guest on the One Show with Jamie Oliver, later that evening she was guest of honour at his restaurant in London, Union Jacks.

BBC is a public Service broadcaster, paid for out of taxation. Sometimes they appear to forget the meaning of the words ‘public service’.

A documentary of her trip, Martha, Meals and Malawi, was broadcast by the BBC, but only on BBC Scotland. It and the One Show were available on-line, but only for seven days and only accessible from the UK.

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