Canto al trabajo



¡Increíble anoche en Teatro Timanfaya!

I am lost for words. The audience were transfixed.

A man walks on in the darkness, sharpening a knife on a grindstone, squeak, squeak. He is joined by two women either side, washing clothes in a tub, slap, slap, a rhythm is built up, musicians join in, one of the women breaks into song.

Three incredible vocalists, guys on percussion, guy on double bass, guy on cello, another guy on keyboard.

Percussion three large drums, to which we were treated to amazing drumming session, seeds, banging in a tub and hollowed out tree trunk.

Music appears to be Arabic, slowly changes, at times jazz, at the end, African, if they could, the audience would have been on their feet dancing.

Based upon traditional work in the Canary Islands, and set to a back drop of ever changing Canarians carrying out their traditional work.

We were even treated to the whistle used to communicate, as travels further than voice in the mountains.

Congratulations to the artistic director, to the musicians, the sound engineer, the lighting engineer, and the theatre director Monica for hosting this amazing musical spectacular.

Pieles, a must see Wednesday night at Teatro Timanfaya.

Why do the hotels promote tourist crap as so-called entertainment, when there are cultural events worth attending?

Pieles is not available on DVD or youtube or vimeo, simply because it is a musical spectacular that must be seen live. There is the possibility the music may be uploaded to bandcamp and available on CD.

A neat touch, the musicians lined up to greet as people left the auditorium.

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