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Satomi Morimoto

December 31, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Satomi Morimoto a couple of weeks ago.

I saw her at Teatro Timanfaya where she played jazz with ST Fusion, then a couple of days later when in a classical trio  OpenART Ensemble she played music from the film Amelie and the modern tango of Astor Piazzolla.

She is an amazing jazz and classical pianist, and has an incredible voice.

Film is at her house, then centre of La Laguna.

Augusto Báez Trio

December 2, 2016

Augusto Báez Trio en concierto en Teatro Timanfaya en Puerto de la Cruz en Tenerife.

I am no great fan of jazz, I find all sounds tbe same.  But having said that, I have enjoyed jazz at Bambi Apartments and at Abaco, where some great musicians have played.

Tonight was beyond boring, it eas awful.  It was mush that all sounded the same.

When David Gilmour plays, one can at least tell what he is playing.  Not though tonight.

The sound quality was poor, as was the sound balance. It is not often a guitar drowns out the bass. It is usually the other way around.

A grave disappoint compared with ST Fusion of last week.

ST Fusion en concierto en Teatro Timanfaya

November 25, 2016

It is not often one finds a Japanese jazz pianist and vocalist in a jazz quartet.

Adding to the line up guys on bass and guitar and percussion.

Very avante gard.

Highlight was Japanese pianist Satomi Morimoto on  piano and vocals with her own compositions.

Concert was part of Atlantic Jazz-Lab season at Teatro Timanfaya.

I was reminded of Canterbury Scene in the early  1970s.

Several albums on sale not only by ST Fusion but also by members of the quartet.

I picked up a copy of ST Fusion 3, which Satomi Morimoto kindly signed.

It is important they also release on bandcamp.


March 10, 2016

Canto al trabajo



¡Increíble anoche en Teatro Timanfaya!

I am lost for words. The audience were transfixed.

A man walks on in the darkness, sharpening a knife on a grindstone, squeak, squeak. He is joined by two women either side, washing clothes in a tub, slap, slap, a rhythm is built up, musicians join in, one of the women breaks into song.

Three incredible vocalists, guys on percussion, guy on double bass, guy on cello, another guy on keyboard.

Percussion three large drums, to which we were treated to amazing drumming session, seeds, banging in a tub and hollowed out tree trunk.

Music appears to be Arabic, slowly changes, at times jazz, at the end, African, if they could, the audience would have been on their feet dancing.

Based upon traditional work in the Canary Islands, and set to a back drop of ever changing Canarians carrying out their traditional work.

We were even treated to the whistle used to communicate, as travels further than voice in the mountains.

Congratulations to the artistic director, to the musicians, the sound engineer, the lighting engineer, and the theatre director Monica for hosting this amazing musical spectacular.

Pieles, a must see Wednesday night at Teatro Timanfaya.

Why do the hotels promote tourist crap as so-called entertainment, when there are cultural events worth attending?

Pieles is not available on DVD or youtube or vimeo, simply because it is a musical spectacular that must be seen live. There is the possibility the music may be uploaded to bandcamp and available on CD.

A neat touch, the musicians lined up to greet as people left the auditorium.

Concierto de saxofones en el Teatro Timanfaya

March 1, 2015
Teatro Timanfaya matinee concerts

Teatro Timanfaya matinee concerts

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo en concierto en el Teatro Timanfaya.

A midday concert at Teatro Timanfaya. Surprisingly for a concert in the middle of the day on a pleasant day, was full, or almost full.

A concert with all the same instruments, music transposed to instruments for which it was not written, tends not to work, and that was very much the case with Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo.

It was like a brass band with most of the instruments missing. Indeed they would have been better playing in a bandstand out in the open air, or in Plaza Charco.

Two pieces by Astor Piazzolla, failed to capture the mood of Astor Piazzolla, worse still, murdered Astor Piazzolla and it was torture to listen to.

Contrast with Nothing Can Prepare, Steve Lawson on bass and Andy Williamson on sax.

I love the way the sax appears from the back of the church and slowly meanders to the front and the use of the acoustics of the church.

Many, many years ago, sometime late 1960s, early 1970s, I heard an amazing album, it was a saxophone recorded in Grace Cathedral, making use of echo in the cathedral. I still have it somewhere on reel-to-reel tape. Sadly I have never been able to find it on the net.

I mention this unknown album, as Believe In Peace by Steve Lawson brings back fond memories. The difference being Steve Lawson uses a bass guitar and tape loops. A pity he did not make use of a building as Gregory Paul did with The Fremont Abbey Session.

Concierto de jazz en Teatro Timanfaya

February 27, 2015
concierto de jazz en Teatro Timanfaya

concierto de jazz en Teatro Timanfaya

Dusan Anastasijevich

Dusan Anastasijevich

Excellent concert with Dusan Anastasijevich.

I am no fan of jazz, I find boring, but this was anything but boring.

A long piece, form of a sonata, improvisation. Influence of Scriven, jazz, snippets of Autumn Leaves, then variants of.

Followed by two shorter pieces. Followed by honky tonk encore.


Wonderful sounding piano played by a very talented pianist.

More’s the pity only an hour as over all too soon.

Also a pity not recorded live, then mixed, mastered and uploaded to bandcamp. Could be a series of recordings, En Vivo en Teatro Timanfaya, shared 50:50 with artist and Teatro Timanfaya.

Celtic Looping en el Teatro Timanfaya

February 21, 2015
Celtic Looping en el Teatro  Timanfaya

Celtic Looping en el Teatro Timanfaya

Carlos Arteaga

Carlos Arteaga

Celtic Looping de Carlos Arteaga en  el Teatro Timanfaya.

Boring, monotonous.

Towards the end, or what I hoped was the end, he massacred a wonderful song, a torture to listen to.

It was like listening to someone who was learning to play practicing in their bedroom.

I did not think much to previous night, but this made Serata Italiana look good.

It bore as much resemblance to Celtic music as does McDonald´s to food.

A moronic drum backing tape is not looping.

It was a very poor example of looping. Better examples from Steve Lawson (bass guitar) and Zoe Keating (cello).

It would be better to invite musicians who are playing in the street. For example MOM who can be found during the afternoon playing in Plaza de Benito Pérez Galdós outside Agora or  Alejandro Possetto who can be often be found playing outside Castillo de San Felipe.

Serata Italiana

February 19, 2015
Serata Italiana en Teatro Timanfaya

Serata Italiana en Teatro Timanfaya

Serata Italiana

Serata Italiana

Musica Italiana en vivo en Teatro Timanfaya.

For me, wrong night.

Soaked on the way there.

I arrived, baffled music in foyer. I enquired, half way through, the music I wanted tomorrow night.

I found to be bland mediocrity.

I have come across better playing in the street.

For example MOM who I found during the afternoon playing  in Plaza de Benito Pérez Galdós outside Agora or  Alejandro Possetto who can be often be found playing outside Castillo de San Felipe.

I was reminded of caberet  in Berlin in 1930s. I kept looking round expecting to see Blackshirts and Brownshirts, in the streets, shattering of shop windows.

After the concert I wandered down to Plaza Charco for La Carnaval. It was dead, no music, not a soul to be seen.

Concertó Mark Peters y Kristztina Fejes

March 2, 2014
concert Mark Peters and Kristztina Fejes

concert Mark Peters and Kristztina Fejes

Lunchtime matinee Mark Peters (cello) and Kristztina Fejes (piano) at Teatro Timanfaya.

Sadly little better than last week.

They finished after 45 minutes, sonatas by Beethove, Debussy and Brahm. An encore that I thought would be a few minutes, half an hour, then back for a second encore, but luckily only five minutes.

At least the piano this week sounded as though in tune.

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