Cappuccino in Coffee Aroma Coffee House

Coffee Aroma Coffee House

Coffee Aroma Coffee House

Usually, my favourite place for coffee is Stokes on High Bridge.  Today, Coffee Aroma Coffee House.

Last week I had tried a takeaway coffee from Coffee Aroma Coffee House, today I thought relax and have cappuccino in Coffee Aroma Coffee House. It also gave the opportunity to ask a few questions and explore the upper floors.

I passed by Stokes on High Bridge, it was lunchtime and yet to my amazement, it was empty. I have never seen Stokes empty during the day although I must admit, the last few times I have passed by, it has not been busy. In the past I have had to get there before ten in the morning to be sure of getting in. Busy from ten until four in the afternoon.  Coffee Aroma Coffee House by contrast was packed.

One person brews, another poured the milk and performed the art. I thought I had imagined this the last time.

The staff pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable on coffee.

unusual way of serving coffee

unusual way of serving coffee

I have not had coffee served like this before, anywhere. On a piece of wood, hollowed out, a glass of water, my cappuccino, and a neat coffee. I was not sure it was for me. It was confirmed it was.

I then commented on how it was served. Apparently it is in order that the connoisseurs can taste the real coffee, not a cappuccino. Whether this was for me, or everyone, I do not know.

For Greek coffee, is is the norm to serve with a glass of water.

One thing I missed. The cookie jars and the excellent cookies served in Stokes.

Coffee Aroma Coffee House do not roast their own coffee. A good point, as roasting coffee is a whole different ball game.

The coffee is sourced direct, not Fair Trade. If you care about quality coffee, you source direct. Fair Trade is a scam. Buy a Fair Trade coffee in Tesco and the chattering classes feel they have done their bit.

Coffee was roasted on 27 January 2016. How many coffee shops display when their coffee was roasted? How many can tell you even when asked?

Books I had not seen before, one for the south west, one for the north, none for London or south east, guides to coffee. Coffee Aroma Coffee House was listed, Stokes on High Bridge surprisingly not.



I had a wander on the upper floors. Steep stairs, an old building.  A labour of love.

Occasional live music, although I did not see any information when or who.

The one thing I did not like, apart from lack of cookies, was the awful music playing.

Coffee drinkers in Lincoln are very lucky. Most towns are saturated with Costa, Caffe Nero, tax-dodging Starbucks, serving disgusting, undrinkable coffee. Lincoln by contrast has a wide range of indie coffee shops and tea shops, serving quality coffees and teas. Begs the questions why anyone drinks the disgusting coffees served by the High Street chains, when they have choice of quality coffees. More fools them, but good for the likes of me, who can get a quality coffee and find room.

Coffee Aroma Coffee House is located off the High Street below The Stonebow in the centre of Lincoln.


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