Chilly few hours in Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

The Witch and the Wardrobe

The Witch and Wardrobe

Yesterday was gale force wind blowing during an afternoon walk in the countryside near Washingborough, and yet warm, not as warm as midday, but still warm.

Not so today in Lincoln, a couple of hours midday until early afternoon. Bitterly  cold.

Depressing the state of Central Market and Sincil Street. Both being destroyed by the Lincoln City Council in bed with Lincolnshire Coop. The views of local people, local businesses seems to count for nothing.

Walked past Stokes on High Bridge around lunchtime. I could not believe it, it was empty. Indeed every time I have passed by not busy. This is very very unusual. Usually busy from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. I would normally get there before ten, to be sure of getting in.

Stokes is where I would usually go for a coffee, but not today. Today it was to be nearby Coffee Aroma. I had popped in last week and got a takeaway. Today I thought sit in and have a coffee.  In contrast with Stokes, Coffee Aroma was very busy. Excellent cappuccino, but I missed the excellent cookies in Stokes on High Bridge.

A quick look in the laptop shop, then on to Elite fish restaurant for a very late fish n chips lunch.

Morning it was sunny. Whilst I was in Lincoln, cloudy. Then at Elite, wonderful clear blue sky, but by now sun had lost any warmth and bitterly cold.

At a guess, yesterday wind was westerly, today northerly.

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