What can we do to help the Greeks?



Greece No More Looting

Greece No More Looting


A woman stands inside a shop behind stickers depicting butterflies with the colors of the Greek flag in Athens, on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Greece’s new left wing-led government has been locked in strained negotiations with creditors since winning elections in January on pledges to abolish the deeply resented budget austerity measures required by the rescue program. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

In 2010, it was obvious the Greek debt was unsustainable, that it could not be repaid, feckless creditors in cahoots with a  corrupt Greek government, nevertheless lent Greece more money, money that went to pay off the German banks, hedge funds etc. Greece was addled with more debt, society bailed out the feckless lenders. The conditions imposed on Greece were onerous.

  • 25% unemployment (youth unemployment over 50%)
  • 25% loss of GDP

Lose your job, you lose your unemployment pay after a year. You then have nothing. You also lose your national health insurance.

Infant mortality has risen, suicide rate has risen.

The loss in GDP is unprecedented in peacetime.

Today the unelected President of the corrupt EU told the Greek people to vote YES as it would strengthen their negotiating position.

He must double as a stand up comedian.

Since when has capitulation agreeing to onerous conditions been called strengthening a negotiating position?

If Greeks vote YES to humiliating terms forced on them by the EU they will never be able to hold their heads high in the word again. Can this be the same people who fought a heroic resistance against the Germans?

Leading economists are of the view that the debt is unsustainable, and must be written off. Even the IMF is now of this opinion.

Last weekend, the ECB turned off the money. This was, as Irish politicians have stated, a deliberate move to bring Greece to its knees.

Germany and France have higher deficit than Greece. Greece is bringing down its debt faster than either Greece or Germany. Were the debt to be set aside, Greece would be in budget surplus.

Why then is Greece being brought to its knees? It is as as Caroline Lucas has said a coup against a legitimate government, it is designed to bring down the Syriza government

EU is trying to bring Greece to its knees, then force a coup, to replace a popular government that is acting in the best interest of the Greek government, with an EU puppet government, a government of Quislings.

Syriza was elected with a mandate to end the imposed austerity that has provoked a humanitarian crisis – over a quarter unemployed (including over 50% of young people), austerity has wiped 25% from economic output, and thousands are struggling to be fed or pay for electricity.

What therefore can we do to help the Greeks?

First we must urge all Greeks to not let fear force their hands, vote NO, stand shoulder to shoulder with heads held high and give their government the backing they have asked for to strengthen their hand in negotiation with the EU .

We will get nowhere without  the debt being written off. Please therefore sign and  share the two petitions calling for debt write off.

A crowd sourcing attempt to write off the Greek debt. Mixed feelings, we should not be bailing out the creditors and the money could be betters spent. The debt runs into billions of euros and the most likely to be raised will be a few millions, which of course is no mean feat.

What is interesting is significant contributions from UK and England. German politicians out of touch with ordinary Germans?

The funds raised, probably cannot be used for other purposes, unless well worded, but better uses would be to set up open commons, open coops, local currencies, anything that isolates local communities from the dire economic crisis and turns them into autonomous, self-organising communities.

One project suggested by Greek Finance Minister  no less, is support for a media project. 

Greeks have been fed fear and misinformation, the media owned by corrupt oligarchs, friends of the deposed government

The Greek media is corrupt. This might not come as a big shock, maybe there are corrupt media in your country too, but the truth of the situation here goes far beyond what you’d imagine. According to the NGO Reporters Without Borders, Greece ranks 93rd in the global index of press freedom (placing it last in Europe). Private TV channels, newspapers and radio stations are majority owned by 5 key families, who use them to ensure their family of companies obtain government contracts. These private media outlets are members of large groups of companies who undertake construction projects, and shipowners who control the oil trade and imports.

During the last few days, the mainstream media have declared war on citizens, taking a position on the referendum and violating any notion of journalistic ethics. Their reporting is designed to terrorize and create a culture of fear, without any trace of truth or balance, whilst presenting themselves as objective and responsible.

On Monday, the largest TV station was broadcasting misinformation all day about cash withdrawals being reduced from 60 to 20 euros -reports which had been denied three times officially by the government- trying to provoke a bank run.

ThePressProject was established to provide an alternative source of information, independent of the corrupt elites, but it is now in cash crisis, appealing for funds.

Join the Thunerclap, make our voices heard loud and clear.

What is at stake here, is not only Greece, but democracy itself. Do we want a world run by corrupt elites or do we want a word run by the people? Syriza offers the latter, which is why there is a determined attempt to destroy Syriza,  to stop the idea from spreading, to put the people back in their chains.

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