Stand with the Greek people

Greek referendum

Greek referendum

Greek bailout

Greek bailout

Global Justice together with Jubilee Debt Campaign have joined forces to stand with the Greek people against the brutal austerity policies that are being inflicted on them. In particular, to support initiatives like the Greek Debt Audit, which provides hope for people across Europe and the world. By examining and making democratic decisions on debt, we can stop international economic policies being driven by the interests of financial elites, and help create a more humane and rational economic policy.

The Greek people have suffered from some of the most brutal austerity policies carried out in modern Europe. This has not been ‘necessary pain’ designed to return the economy to balance. Today Greece’s debt is far higher than it was at the start of the economic crisis. How can this be? Because Greece was lent money simply to repay the reckless and corrupt loans of European banks.

It is not for society to pay for the risks of private banks

Just like the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America before them, the Greek people have been sacrificed so the banks can continue to profit.

It does not have to be this way. Alternative policies are possible. That’s why the current Greek government frightens European elites and they are Hell bent on crushing Greece. If we want the world to change, we have to support people who are proposing and trying to implement real alternatives.

Please sign and share petition.

Austerity has not worked for Greece, it has destroyed the Greek economy, GDP has fallen by 25% (this is more than countries suffered durung the Great Depression), the amount Greece is expected to pay back as a percentage of GDP is unprecedented in peacetime.

It was the previous corrupt Greek government that took on unpayable loans, it was bankers who lent at high risk and expect society to bail them out it is the Greek people who are being forced to pay the price, 4 in 10 kids live in poverty, infant mortality rate has increased by 43%, unemployment running at 25% (youth unemployment over 50%).

Austerity is not working. Debt has risen from 125% of GDP to 175% of GDP.

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