La Ruta de Aromas y Sabores

La Ruta de Aromas y Sabores

La Ruta de Aromas y Sabores

Recorra la ruta de aromas y sabores del mundo.

Especialistas en café, té, especias y accesorios.

Degustación diaria de nuestras gran variedad de té e infusiones.

A small tea shop in Puerto de la Cruz selling a wide variety of fresh teas and coffees with an associated tea shop serving fresh teas.

A pleasant change to Imperial Teas of Lincoln where instead of being shouted at for suggesting the possibility a few pictures may be taken, welcomed with open arms.

As well as teas and coffees, a wide selection of tea pots in porcelein and ceramic from Japan and China, but sadly not the cast iron tea pots found in Imperial Teas.

I suggested they had a loyalty or bono card to reward loyal customers.

I will suggest the same to El Limón and that this is from where they source their teas, maybe have half a dozen or more in tin or jars, as does Pimeno Tea Rooms in Lincoln.

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4 Responses to “La Ruta de Aromas y Sabores”

  1. stephwynnalicebradley Says:

    ah there you are…for carnival?

  2. keithpp Says:

    Sadly no longer there.

  3. keithpp Says:

    La Carnaval officially started today, with choosing of Carnival Queen tonight.

  4. stephwynnalicebradley Says:

    enjoy 🙂

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