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Imogen Heap: Vivid Live at Sydney Opera House

October 15, 2013
Imogen Heap @ Vivid

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Imogen Heap @ Vivid Live

Only 200 tickets sold. On the steps of the foyer.

Songs are from Sparks, aka Heapsongs, to be released early 2014.

Tickets for this 200 capacity show sold out in a matter of minutes.

Dusk Songs, 6 songs in 60 minutes at 6pm, with fans given chance to interact with her and gain a unique insight into the stories behind each song.

The event was live streamed on youtube, but does not appear to have been archived (or at least I cannot find).

Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House is a 10-day celebration of ambitious popular music within the city’s annual Vivid Sydney festival of light, music and ideas.

Sparks album deluxe box set

October 14, 2013
Sparks deluxe box set

Sparks deluxe box set

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Sparks deluxe box set contents

It was the only way I could fit in the whole story of what’s been going on these past 2 1/2 years. There will only 2,500 ever made. — Imogen Heap

Sparks, aka HeapSongs, is the latest album from Imogen Heap, two years or more in the making, due for early release next year.

Because so much has gone into making Sparks, that cannot be conveyed in a conventional album, even with a 24-page glossy booklet, Immi has decided to release as a limited edition box set with a very special price.

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Within the box …

Each track, will have its own DVD data disc. On this disc, studio quality audio, plus music video, plus mini documentary of the making of, plus 16-page booklet.

A conventional audio CD.

A double vinyl LP.

A DVD of the making of the album.

A 100 plus page hardback book documenting the making of the album.

Immi could make this many more pages. I have suggested to her she also publishes an e-book on LeanPub.

A ticket to admit to sound check at one of her gigs when she goes on tour next year.

Cards, which when held to an on-line camera, will admit to secret part of website.

The deluxe box set is a limited edition of 2,500, with a hefty price tag of £200 each, but Imogen will only break even when 1,800 sold.

The first one hundred deluxe box sets sold, invite to party at her house. Where you can pick up your own personal deluxe box set in advance of official release. These have already been sold.

For many people this is going to be way out of their price range, and yet they may like the idea of having studio quality sound, which is not available on a CD.

I therefore have the following ideas …

Follow the example of Steve Lawson. He decided to release all the music from a recent US tour. He did not like a Best of Album, as he thought all the material was worth releasing, on the other hand, to release a dozen albums was not practicable. He decided to release on a memory stick, in a presentation box, together with liner notes.

The individual albums are also available on bandcamp for download.

Sparks could be on a memory stick, limited edition presentation box.

Sparks could be on bandcamp.

Bandcamp, could be used to promote the other two.

There is now also a Sparks Deluxe blog showing the creative effort going in the deluxe box set as it is produced.

You Know Where to Find Me

October 18, 2012

A live broadcast by Imogen Heap of the latest Heapsong You Know Where to Find Me on Google+ using Google Hangout, which was also broadcast live on youtube on her youtube channel.

There was a delay of about 15 minutes before the broadcast started.

A long preamble by Imogen Heap on how You Know Where to Find Me came to be written.

It was about the River Thames, its different moods, how people viewed and interacted with The Thames.

There was an attempt to compose in a boat overlooking The Thames.

Imogen then shot up to Edinburgh, to record the song on various pianos in different houses.

For the last few months she has been trying to put it all together.

She played You Know Where to Find Me, but warned it would not be very good as she had not played it live before and advised to watch her video for a more polished version.

Not satisfied, she stopped, apologised, then started again from the third verse. An amazing difference.

Surprisingly the sound quality was quite good (though sound levels very low), the video ok, especially for a live streaming event.

I wondered why there was a secondary video at the bottom of the screen. This was for video conferencing, and became apparent when Imogen brought other people in for a jam session. Around half a dozen people joined in.

The jam session did not work too well. People were too loud, sound very distorted and video quality very poor.

I have not had time to listen to Imogen Heap since she was in the boat during the summer. I had forgotten how talented she is.

For someone who knows how to use social media, interacts with those who enjoy her music, I am amazed Imogen Heap does not release on bandcamp as better for her and better for those who love her music.

Heapsongs will be released as an album May 2013, with 12 maybe 13 songs. Following release, Imogen Heap will tour.

You Know Where to Find Me

You Know Where to Find Me

Imogen Heap shoots ‘You Know Where To Find Me’ video

July 4, 2012

Imogen Heap playing You Know Where To Find Me

A couple of weeks ago Imogen Heap was in A Room With a View composing You Know Where To Find Me (heapsong7) as a live webcast.

She then went up to Edinburgh, where as well as attending TedGlobal to demonstrate the gloves, she filmed You Know Where To Find Me in different houses, playing the piano and wearing the clothes of the person whose house she was in.

Sounds from a Room: Imogen Heap

June 22, 2012
Thames from Hungerford Bridge

Thames from Hungerford Bridge

working boats on The Thames

working boats on The Thames

A room for London: Thames and Hungerford Bridge

A room for London: Thames and Hungerford Bridge

Atop the buildings on the South Bank of The Thames is a boat.

An odd place for a boat. Part of an arts project A Room for London.

This evening, Imogen Heap live streamed over the net from the boat, and was shown on a large screen at Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre.

Three projects rolled into one: Heapsongs, the Listening Chair and Sounds From a Room.

Last week via the listening chair, Imogen Heap was collecting thoughts on The Thames, crowd sourcing for her new song You know where to find me, a perspective from The Thames.

Various themes came through which will be incorporated into the song:

  • Driftwood
  • Walking the Thames, Imogen has cycled the length
  • Quite strong, strong tide, but in slack does not move
  • Can we have a conversation with a river?
  • A him, Father Thames

Piano melody came in the early hours of the morning.

Storm hit during the night. The boat was rocking. Would it be blown off into The Thames?

Beautiful haunting piano melody.

Forgot the song, so new.

People stand around, just looking, can do this by a river.

A very public area with private thoughts.

Word cloud, distils thoughts.

Very little traffic on the river cf Thames River Pageant.

From the boat a view over the Thames and of Waterloo Bridge.

Does The Thames want to be young, blue and green?

Two hours sleep.

Pulled the lyrics together late morning.

You cannot force inspiration.

Just explain, not write, then relax.

Inspiration not on tap.

Used to live in a flat in Waterloo

Cannot write under pressure. Time lapse camera click click click …

Water a vital organ.

River has its off day, like us.

Artist’s favourite friend is procrastination.

Had hoped to finish the song, instead see the process.

Do you have a piano in Edinburgh? Filming will take place in Edinburgh.

Relationships, with the river, with each other.

Part will be filmed in Clore Ballroom after the live steaming.

Top Story in The Boatshed Essex Daily (Saturday 23 June 2012).

Minds Without Fear (Heapsong4)

April 28, 2012
Vishal Dadlani and Imogen Heap recording Minds Without Fear

Vishal Dadlani and Imogen Heap recording Minds Without Fear

Imogen Heap on the streets of Samode

Imogen Heap on the streets of Samode

Have pity on those afraid to take risks, because they will perhaps never experience disappointment or delusion or suffer as those do with a dream to follow. — Paulo Coelho

When you dream, you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself. Make it a reality. — Paulo Coelho

Minds Without Fear, heapsong4, the fourth track on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

The tracks of Heapsongs are crowd sourced, each is a community, collaborative venture. Each track has its own micro-site on the net.

Like Santiago in The Alchemist who took risks, followed his dreams, The Dewarists decided to follow their dreams, take risks, breakout of the mainstream, inspiring musicians collaborating to create original music while travelling to locations across India.

We all have to learn to be like Santiago, read the signs, listen to our heart, take risks, follow our dreams.

Imogen Heap collaborated with the duo Vishal-Shekhar to create Minds Without Fear, drawing her inspiration from the Tagore poem, ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear‘. Filming took place at the 475-year-old Samode Palace on the outskirts of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Minds Without Fear was available for free download. The bad news is that this was via a facebook app, not good news if you have no wish for a facebook app to have access to all your personal information.

Imogen Heap has a reserved space on bandcamp, but currently nothing there. Let us hope Heapsongs is uploaded when complete. In the meantime, please record the improvisation for Earth Hour 2012 and upload to bandcamp.

Were Heapsongs on bandcamp, the tracks could be added one by one. It would be possible to enable Minds Without Fear to be available for free download for a limited period, thus no excuse for forcing people to use a facebook app with its gross violation of personal privacy.

Imogen Heap headed The Dewarists Stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, 18-20 November 2011.

The Dewarists is an exploration between the different musical genres in India, crossover of boundaries, collaboration between. The music can be downloaded for free via their facebook page.

Top Story in The Poetry Gazette (Sunday 29 April 2012).

Note: I mistakenly assumed from the link, download through a facebook app, if so, this would have been bad, but I am pleased to be able to report not so. You go through to a facebook web page, click like, provide an e-mail address and you will receive a link to download an mp3 file. It would though have been easier to have the track on bandacmp, click to download, provide e-mail, and receive a link.

Neglected Space (Heapsong3)

April 27, 2012

Beautiful spoken word set within a background of music.

Neglected Space (Heapsong3), the third track on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

The tracks of Heapsongs are crowd sourced, each is a community, collaborative venture. Each track has its own micro-site on the net. Each track has a story to tell.

England used to be a country of walled gardens.

A vegetable plot, a herb garden, an orchard, a greenhouse. All traditional, heritage varieties.

Not far from the Roundhouse, a Georgian garden, sadly neglected.

Imogen used this local garden for inspiration, raised awareness, funding.

2 minutes walk from my house there is a Georgian walled garden in need of a lot of help. In it’s heyday it was a kitchen garden at the peak of gardening technology. The size of a football pitch, with walls 4 metres high, inside growing amongst other things were pineapples in greenhouses. It’s had quite a history but sadly over the last 30 years it’s fallen into disrepair and mostly been neglected.

With the help of Clear Village and our ‘Garden Angels’ (volunteers) we plan to help to bring the garden back to life with the local community, putting spade to soil, as I wander about the garden putting pen to paper.

The piece I want to write is from the voice of the Walled Garden itself. A spoken word piece or perhaps a kind of collective voice for neglected spaces and abandoned man made structures. Being in the garden, I hear it almost sigh in relief with the news of this fresh enthusiasm. As if it’s been calling out to anyone who might catch it from dust, to fall in love with it again. As those of you involved breathe a new life into the garden, community and beyond, it becomes clearer to me what it’s been missing all these years and between spurts of getting my hands dirty, I’ll be penning these thoughts.

There’ll be the odd camera about, filming the making of Heapsong3 and the garden’s progress. I may occasionally bring in an instrument into the garden and see who steps up to the challenge of making a noise, or perhaps come up and record the sound of whatever it is you’re working on.

The volunteers working in the garden and Imogen wrote blogs as the work progressed.

Lifeline – Imogen Heap – Vitamin String Quartet

April 26, 2012

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap

Vitamin String Quartet perform a wonderful improvisation of Lifeline, heapsong1 on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

Writers write to be read, musicians play to be heard, and hope to make sufficient money not to be starving in a garret, but I do wonder with some musicians, some writers too.

To find Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap on the Vitamin String Quartet website I had to trawl through pages and pages of albums. I think I was on my eighth or ninth page. Then when you get there, all you find is a few seconds lofi sample.

To hear their excellent improvisation of Lifeline, you have to rely on some kind soul doing their work for them and uploading to youtube.

On spotify they get doubly ripped off. It is the facebook model, used to collect personal data, a cut goes to the major record labels. iTtunes rips off too.

Sharing of data between facebook and third parties

Vitamin String Quartet are on their own independent record label, Vitamin Records, why therefore are they letting the major labels take a cut?

On the other hand on bandcamp, what people pay goes straight to them, you can listen to the entire album, sharing is made easy.

Were it not for a kind mention by Imogen Heap, I would not even know of their existence.

What the rest of their album is like, good or bad, I do not know as all they make available is few second samples of lofi.

I am somewhat baffled and rather concerned that a comment made on a web page on the site of Imogen Heap appears not on that page as one would expect but on facebook! Does this imply that accessing a facebook app, but not accepting, steals personal data as though one has been foolish enough to accept?

Propeller Seeds (Heapsong2)

April 26, 2012

Gazing out the window, an apple fell from a tree and begged the question. What pulls it to earth? Our world changed. — Isaac Newton

There are moments in our life when everything changed.

Propeller Seeds (Heapsong2), the second track on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

The tracks of Heapsongs are crowd sourced, each is a community, collaborative venture. Each track has its own micro-site on the net.

Love the Earth

April 25, 2012
Imogen Heap rehearsals Royal Albert hall Premier of Love the Earth

Imogen Heap rehearsals Royal Albert hall Premier of Love the Earth

Watch it, enjoy it, and talk about it to your friends. It is all about empathy and sharing, nothing else … — Imogen Heap

Last weekend on Earth Day, 22 April 2012, Imogen Heap premièred Love the Earth in a live streaming event from the back garden of the Round House.

Until that weekend, I had not heard of Imogen Heap. I was watching a talk by solo bass player Steve Lawson and he mentioned Imogen Heap as a good example of the use of social networking.

I checked her out, and as a result, stumbled upon the live streaming event from the back garden of the Round House.

I sadly only caught the tail end. I caught part of Love the Earth, followed by the premier of Heapsong6, now entitled Me, The Machine, in which Imogen Heap uses gloves with built in sensors to control the sound. The entire event was powered by pedal power.

Imogen said the streamed event would be made available, but currently only through a facebook app, which is not good news if you value your personally privacy.

I found her to be a very talented musician.

The beginning of Love the Earth is very reminiscent of Vangelis.

Although the premier of the film, this was not the premier of film and music. The premier of the music was at the Royal Albert Hall a year or so ago, with Imogen Heap conducting and the film showing in the background.

And yes, I agree with Steve Lawson, Imogen Heap makes very effective use of social networks.

She is using crowd sourcing and community support, but in a very novel way.

The film clips for Love the Earth were crowd sourced. Her album Heapsongs, of which we heard the premier of the sixth track last weekend is crowd sourced, she invited people to send her sound samples, which she may or may not use.

Those who have provided the film clips, the sound sources, will be paid if used.

The movements in Love the Earth follow a Fibonacci series: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 …

The Fibonacci series is an important series in nature. It describes the spiral in a flower, the spiral in a seashell.

Love the Earth shows the wonder and beauty of planet earth. A wonder and beauty humankind like a cancerous growth is hell bent on destroying.

Love the Earth is available to watch on-line on vimeo. The sound track, will be, or is, available to download and buy (let us hope she puts it on bandcamp). The money raised, will then be ploughed back to produce a DVD.

Heapsong6 is about to be recorded as the sixth track of Heapsongs. Each time it is performed it will be different as it is an improvisation.

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