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Christmas Eve Concert with Sangah Noona

December 25, 2020

Live streamed Christmas Eve Concert with Sangah Noona.

Early hours of Christmas Day, I stumbled across a live-streamed concert with Sangah Noona.

It was forty minutes into the concert.

I rewound to the beginning watched a little, then watched later on Christmas Day.


October 24, 2016

Haunting piano and vocals, Riverside from Philharmonics by  Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel.

Sunday in Brighton, I picked up Citizen of Glass from resident.

A speculative purchase but I trust the good taste of the owner of this excellent indie record shop in North Laine.

I Would Never Tell

April 16, 2016

I Would Never Tell written and performed by singer-songwriter Jewelia, plus orchestra.

I Would Never Tell will be on her new album, possible release September 2016.

Sends shivers down the spine.

Angels We Have Heard on High

December 11, 2015

Angels We Have Heard On High, ThePianoGuys with Peter Hollens and  David Archuleta.

Begin Again

September 19, 2015

Megan Nicole, Alex Goot and ThePianoGuys, with their take on Begin Again from Taylor Swift from her album Red.

Note the hint of J S Bach Sheep May Safely Graze (Cantata No. 208).

And better than the Taylor Swift original (though it is good too).

The Tower

May 3, 2015
The Tower

The Tower

A flight of ravens flew over my frozen desert in the morning
Such a view I won’t forget
I saw their wings of smokey darkness covering the moon
they took away within their claws my sleep and with it
the most beautiful dream I’ve ever dreamed.

The lover of my dreams, he’s lost his powers
since they took him away and locked him in the tower
and through the bars, he sees the stars
he’s too close to the sky now
he calls my name, but what a shame
the wind blows his words away

And there, beneath the stars, the empty tower lies hidden by the fog
not even ravens fly so high to reach it
up there even the wind forgets to blow
down here on Earth there was a storm, but life goes further
and I am looking now for a real lover

 Iubitul din turn

Iubitul din turn

Un stol de corbi a trecut in zbor
Peste pustiurile mele inghetate au zburat
Au luat cu ei in gheare somnul si cu el
Ultimul vis pe care l-am visat.

Iubitul meu din turn a trist acum, e singur
L-au luat cu el si l-au inchis in turn, singur
Printre zabrele se uita la stele, e mult prea aproape de cer
Ma striga pe nume, l-aude o lume, d-ar crede ca-i vantul stingher

Acolo sus, in turnul suspendat, nici corbii nu mai vin
Acolo sus nu-i aer si nici vant
Iar eu imi caut azi un alt iubit
De-aici de pe pamant..

Last year Jewelia released Monsters.


May 2, 2015

Imagine, classic John Lennon.

Lotus Flower

December 25, 2014

Lotus Flower by Jewelia, featuring David Denyer on violin.

A beautiful, haunting song from talented singer-songwriter Jewelia.

Expecting too much from the wounded
And blaming too much on the dead
Maybe I’m putting my faith in the weaklings
When instead of attacking I choose to defend
And maybe we’re moving too slowly
And maybe we’re all going down
But everyone knows from the stories,
You need to be lost to be found

And maybe I cheer for the losers
But someone needs to cheer for them
And maybe I root for the victims
And maybe I’ll lose all my bets
But we’re all condemned in the end
It’s just in the way that we’re made
And maybe the guardians don’t know
The power that lies in despair

Tell me I’m a lotus flower
I don’t think I ever chose to drink
This cup, it’s sour
Why’d you have to make it harder?

Father of the damned don’t joke around
My life’s at stake; please make amends
Not sure the saints would understand
They don’t share anything but blame
If this is fair, the world makes sense
Only because we’re all insane
We’re all the same, we share the blame
It’s easier than share the pain

I’m writing a song for the broken
The homeless, the crippled, the damned
I won’t claim I know you, I shouldn’t
Don’t want to pretend that I care

Lotus Flower released Christmas Day as a gift from Jewelia to the world.

Video editing by Andy Denyer

Music and lyrics by Jewelia.

Recorded and produced by Jewelia.

Also available as a single from bandcamp.

Jewelia released her début album Monsters in August.

A Tiny Ring (I remember once again)

September 15, 2014

Another beautiful haunting song from Jewelia, moving words too.

If I remember correctly, A Tiny Ring (I remember once again) was part of Jewelia’s acoustic set at Staycation Live. She gave the background to the song.

Last month, Jewelia released her début EP Monsters.

Jewelia has been asked why not on iTunes?

A reasonable question, but not a reasonable suggestion.

A reasonable suggestion to anyone on iTunes or Amazon, is why not on bandcamp?

iTunes and Amazon, bad for artists, bad for music lovers.

On iTunes and Amazon, artists get a raw deal. But so do music lovers, a few seconds lofi sample.

On bandcamp, reasonable quality mp3 128, listen as often as you like, and if you choose to download, higher quality mp3 320 or studio quality FLAC and the artist gets a better cut. And bandcamp encourages sharing.

Downloads on bandcamp are often free or low price, but you can support the artist and pay more, many choose to pay more.

In response to the suggestion of iTunes, Jewelia wisely directed to bandcamp.

The more people support bandcamp, the better known it will become, and everyone will benefit.


September 11, 2014

Two versions of Monsters, title track from Monsters, debut EP from incredibly talented singer-songwriter Jewelia.

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