Guildford farmers market May 2011

Guildford farmers market

Guildford farmers market

The day started cold and windy, turned hot, then at the end of the day turned cold.

I did not buy much. A loaf of bread from Celtic Bakers (they do excellent bread), Easter egg radishes from Secrett’s Farm, grilled sausage with onions, a bottle of beer from Hog’s Back Brewery (which probably was not legal to drink on the street).

I had some paella, it was ok and I cannot complain as it was at the end of the day and I only paid a pound for what probably would have costs six pound, but nowhere near as good as from meson California, a stall during La Carnaval en Puerto de la Cruz en Tenerife. I regretted I had not saved some of my beer with which to wash it down.

I wish though the stalls would show greater environmental awareness and commitment. They want us to support local producers which I am happy to do, but they themselves need to improve, otherwise it is greenwash. Too much is sold prepackaged in plastic. The worse offender by far the stall selling his paella in disgusting polystyrene burger boxes (which cannot be recycled). There can be no excuse for this when it is possible to obtain cardboard boxes with cellulose lids, which can go on the compost heap. Full marks to Celtic Bakers their loaves and cakes in brown paper and if you need a carrier bag it is biodegradable plant-based ‘plastic’, but sadly they are the rare exception, not the norm.

The fruit and vegetable stalls on the weekend market weigh out their produce in brown paper bags. There is no reason why the farmers market cannot do the same, indeed it should be a condition of running a stall.

A survey was being carried out. Quite clever how they did it. Instead of answering questions or ticking boxes on a form they gave you colored dots to stick on a chart. You then got a visual representation of of how the questions were being answered.

Two of the questions were flawed. It should have been possible to give multiple answers. They also should have had another chart where people could freely give their views, suggestions etc.

There needs to be more fruit and vegetable stalls. There needs to be a stall selling drinks. Hot drinks, but also fresh crushed fruit juices. Nothing beats on a hot summer’s day fresh crushed pomegranate juice or watermelon juice with added celery and ginger for that extra zing or carrot, grapefruit and ginger juice.

Pomegranate juice
Watermelon juice
Carrot, grapefruit and ginger juice

On arrival it was a pleasure to find St Mary’s open. As I walked up the High Street, I also found Holy Trinity open for a concert. Sadly both churches are usually closed. I lit a candle for my lovely friend Sian in St Mary’s. I did not go in Holy Trinity as the concert would have been already half over.

At the end of the afternoon I had a pleasant chat with my lovely Indian friend in a bookshop, from where I picked up a copy of The Shack which I had seen the previous week.

A farmers market takes place in the Hight Street in Guildford on the first Tuesday of the month.

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