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Castle Hill farmers market

August 20, 2022

Street theatre in Sincil Street. No idea what. I did not stop as wished to catch the Walk & Ride.

Fewer and fewer stalks.

No raw milk cheese stall.

Purchase from fruit and veg stall and seafood stall. Will look back later to collect.

Walk through grounds of Lincoln Castle to Olé Olé. I am surprised to find the Brian grass turning green Grounds busy , busier than during Picnic Social.

Lunch at Ole Olé. Very busy but no queue. No problem obtaining a table. Greeted by and escorted to a table by who I assume yo be the owner.

Albondigas. I wished for bread to soak up the tomato sauce. Brought a basket of bread.

Walk back through Castle grounds. Farmers market packing up. Cheese stall has little of what I want.

Quick shop in Bailgate then walk back down Steep Hill.

A beer at Coffee Aroma.

Castle Hill farmers market

July 16, 2022

Farmers market packed up early.  Their own worst enemy.

An hour and half late into Lincoln. A very hot day.

City centre very busy.

River Witham, I have never seen so many boats on the river.

Passing by The Greek Brothers, I thought I had been overcharged for moussaka yesterday. I checked the menu in the window. I was charged £10-30, menu in the window £9-60. There was not the dreadful loud music thudding out today.

Their offering of kleftiko is not. Kleftiko is slow cooked lamb on the bone in a wood-fired clay oven. The logs fired midday, the kleftiko eaten at night. The lamb melts off the bone.

Whilst waiting for Walk & Ride, I looked in a new Korean restaurant, yet to open. If the food is as good as the decour.

I arrived at farmers market to find packing up early, half the stalls had not bothered to turn up.

The farmers market is beyond a joke. This is the second time they have packed up early in as many months. If they cannot be bothered, why should we be bothered to support it?

I was surprised the fishmonger was there or the cheese stall.

From cheese stall raw milk, but no creme fraiche.

Had I not been so late, my intention had been, eat, then shop, due to hot weather. I have to do it the other way around.

Late lunch at Dough LoCo. Saturday or my bad luck, a gang of drunks inside. I sit outside. A very long wait for pizza. Very doughy. Maybe hint in the name.

Walk down Steep Hill. I sit on the seats half way down Steep Hill. Chat with two Lithuanians. They ask of craft beer, there used to be a craft beer shop. Closed. Now a cat café.

I say nowhere. Then I recommend Steep Hill Wines. They say gin and wine. I say no, mainly wine, but in the back room will find craft beer. Forget the binge drinking bars.

I recommend Dough LoCo for good beer, and pleasant to sit outside. I also suggest Coffee Aroma.

The city centre packed with drunken scum.

Detour to Coffee Aroma. A beer. Do I want two. No, ok, I will take one with me for later. 

Dismal farmers market mid-January Castle Hill

January 15, 2022

Frost overnight, morning wet and foggy.

City centre surprisingly busy, as was Steep Hill and Bailgate. During the week, city centre deserted.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln farmers market a dismal affair. Never good in the winter, but having been pleasantly surprised by the number of stalls for the December market, and critical of packing up early, a pity have not kept up the momentum, as today very few stalls.

Beer and gin stalls were not there. No vegetables. The only stall worth visiting Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, and the only reason I was there.

Yes, Redhill Farm stall worth a visit, but, with their shop in Bailgate, I always visit their shop where there is a larger choice.

Fish stall does not make up for the loss of the fishmonger from Lincoln Central Market. Most maybe all of the fish smoked.

Lincoln Central Market at 131,318 views the most viewed photo of 2021.

Off cheese stall, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Cornish Yarg, unpasteurised milk, and oat biscuits.

Secret ingredient for cottage pie, thin strips Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese on top of the mashed potato.

From Redhill Farm shop, ham, Lincolnshire sausages, and a bottle of milk. A real glass bottle of milk, return the glass bottle.

From greengrocer back of Bailgate, three different types of mushrooms (for mushroom stroganoff).

Elite on the Bail packed.

Looked at glassware in junk shop.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Top end of High Street binge drinking bars packed with drunken scum spilling into the streets, doing their best to spread coronavirus.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle. A mistake. Excellent as espresso, a disappointment as a cappuccino.

Just make bus before it leaves.

Misty Christmas farmers market

December 18, 2021

In the distance, Lincoln shrouded in mist.

South Common very foggy.

Flotilla of Santas on paddle boards on the River Witham.

City centre very busy.

More stalls on the farmers market than I have previously seen in the winter. Talking to stall holders I learnt several had not turned up due to clash with a market in Brigg which had been brought forward by a week.

Late lunch haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail.

Leaving Elite on the Bail, dusk had descended, now dark.

Walking back down into city centre, binge drinking bars packed with drunken scum. Gangs of drunken yobs roaming the streets.

Easy to see why Omicron spreading so rapidly.

Espresso in Madame Waffle. I repeated experiment of a couple of weeks ago. Stir espresso. It makes an amazing difference. Note stir not swirl. Swirl and likely to spill, lose aroma.

–‘ to be continued —

Lincoln farmers market Castle Hill

May 15, 2021

A cold, wet miserable day, mid-May but feels like winter. Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-one.

Farmers market in Lincoln, like everything in Lincoln, something of a disaster, few stalls, and only the cheese stall worth a visit.

Stomach-churning stench from the doughnut stall outside Central Market. 

In the city centre, too many people, horrendous. I walked up Steep Hill; it too was busy. The famers market though deserted.

The writing on the door of Imperial Teas ridiculous. Why not simply write, Customers Not Welcome, as that is what they are effectively saying. Yes, we all need to be careful, especially with Indian mutation spreading like wildfire and already in Lincolnshire. And yet the most important measure they can take, keep well ventilated, their door is always closed. It has already been drawn to their attention, keep the door open, for at least one day, the door was open, but always closed when I pass by. 

A cold, wet, not very pleasant day.

A few plants from greengrocer around the back of Bailgate, a courgette and runner beans. I learnt the shop now closes early at three o’clock on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I would have walked back down Steep Hill, but it started to rain. I ate outside a little deli off Bailgate, Bailgate Deli. It was cold, as cold as when I sat outside Coffee Aroma Wednesday of last week. Somewhere to sit outside on a pleasant warm day. The food though was excellent, a bowl of falafel and salad.

To take home, I bought cheesecake. It was delicious.

Looked in Lincoln Eco Pantry. An improvement in their offering of cholate, a chocolate I had not heard of before, Cox & Co. I picked up a bar of each on offer.

Walking back down Steep Hill, the rain must have cleared everyone off the streets. No one about.

Coffee outside Coffee Aroma. As I arrived, a massive M&S lorry nearly damaged the tables at Coffee Aroma, either the driver did this deliberately or should not be driving, as a wide gap the other side of the lorry.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

April 18, 2021

Saturday a lovely sunny day, lockdown day ninety-nine.

Tuesday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers. Saturday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers.

As last week, very little traffic into Lincoln. But, as Tuesday, a lot of traffic within the town centre.

Tuesday I expected the town to be busy, it was but not as bad as I had feared.

Saturday it was horrendous far worse than I expected. The town centre packed with people, worse than anything since August, apart from when the dysfunctional city council decided to hold a junk food festival in the middle of a pandemic. Far too many people.

I was pleased to find PC Coaches now running the Walk and Ride. I hopped on, saved time, I was on my way to the farmers market.

Fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market told me there was a famers market. The last three months there has been no farmers market, nor was there one in November.

Lots of tourists milling around, long queue outside the ice cream shop. Even the Tourist Information Office was open.

Chat with some of the stall holders. Cheese stall I asked why the milk was semi-skilled. I was told it was not, straight out of the cow. Vegans, is the cheese vegan, no it is real milk from a grass-grazed vegan cow.

Crass stupidity of environmental health officer, objecting to the sanitiser wipes on the stall.

Long chat with man selling soap. He said too many are melt and pour. Sums up many selling what is claimed to be artisan chocolate.

A new charity shop in Bailgate, or so I thought, except not, has a board outside saying a charity shop.

Excellent haddock and chips from Elite on the Bail. And yet quiet, no queue, and in the little square where I sit, not busy.

The Snake and Lion not as bad as I expected.

I kept looking a my, watch had it stopped, why the wrong time? No, it was the tolling of a bell from Lincoln Cathedral for the funeral of Prince Philip.

Three o’clock, a minute’s silence for the funeral of Prince Philip. Not respected by the drunken scum at The Lion and Snake.

Walking past The Lion and Snake after eating my lunch, noisy, drunken scum shouting, no social distancing. Why is this pub not shut down and landlord stripped of licence? Last year, fights in the street, urinating up the wall. Saturday I saw no portaloos. I was told Friday night was bad. At a guess, far worse Saturday night.

Walking sown Steep Hill, surprised to find the shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open.

I looked in Imperial Teas. I wished to tell the owner, green bens from Cameroon had arrived. But now only there on a Monday. I left a message

The young lady, always helpful, has done an excellent job on their displays. But a customer wished to enter. I pop back out then another customer wished to come in.

I wanted a French Press. I wanted to look at several, luckily on display. Too much to carry. I will try another day.

Glassware for tea and coffee I have never seen before. Simple Lab a Hong Kong based company.

I tried to remember, of course, I forgot. I did take photos, but could not read.

I looked up on their website. No name, other than the name of any individual piece. Check out their website, stunning photos. Imperial Teas must have the largest collection of tea and coffee making paraphernalia of any site.

I worked backwards, and found the company, Hong Kong based Simple Lab, the name I could not remember. I found through the name of a range of products Micro.

Long queue outside ice cream parlour on The Strait. I would not recommend.

I looked in the art shop on The Strait, opposite the ice cream parlour. I often pass by and look in their window, but have never in the past ventured inside. Upstairs a a small gallery. Very steep and narrow stairs to climb.

Sit outside Coffee Aroma with a coffee. Now too cold.

Whilst sat outside Coffee Aroma, an idiot drives through the pedestrianised street the wrong way, turns around, parks outside the bank, then goes for a walk.

Walking through Sincil Street heading to the Bus Station, an idiot drives through, turns around, parks outside Everyman Cinema.

Lincoln farmers market

August 15, 2020

Friday farmers market in Louth second Friday of the month, Saturday farmers market in Lincoln third Saturday of the month.

An alert I found at two o’clock a farmers market today, sent five hours earlier. Poor use of social media. OK for a reminder but should have sent out an alert at least day before. Though I am also at fault for not checking.

Dash into Lincoln, maybe make farmers market as packing up.

Whilst waiting for a bus,  I am passed by a convoy of Porsche and Lamborghini. To my surprise I encounter later parked up near Lincoln Cathedral.

I made the farmers market as stalls packing up.

I was curious, why if farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds Lincolnshire Poacher does not have a stall at the Louth farmers market. Too many shops selling their cheese. Maybe that explains why the Louth farmers market only has one stall, many excellent local food shops therefore what does a farmers market offer?

Bread stall half price bread? No. Two for the price of three. A deal with a lady who was made the same offer. Two pound each. I gave her two loaves and she thanked me and said she would give the second one to a friend she was meeting later.

Excellent haddock and chips, late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Parked outside a car with parking ticket stuck to the windscreen. No one came to the car.

Lack of social distancing The Lion and Snake.  Loud music audible half way down Westgate.  When will dysfunctional Lincoln City Council act and shut down pubs and bars flouting covid-19 regulations?

Walked around Lincoln Castle to have a coffee on the terrace at Stokes at The Lawn, if open. Sea haar last few days, making cooler. It was open but now too cool to sit on the terrace.

Walked the back way down into town.

Loud music, horrendous noise binge drinking bars top end of the High Street. Breach of covid-19 regulations but no action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council to enforce the rules and close the bars and pubs flagrantly flouting the rules.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Whilst sat outside Coffee Aroma, large gangs of drunken yobs roaming around. No sign of police.

Lincoln Christmas farmers market

December 21, 2019

Held Castle Hill, a dismal Christmas farmers market, a pale shadow of when I last visited the farmers market in the summer of last year or Easter this year.

Sadly it seems to be following the ad hoc farmers market held in the High Street which became smaller and smaller and finally died.

Contrast with Guildford Christmas farmers packed with Christmas shoppers.

I managed to pick up cheese from two different stalls, and raw milk unpasteurised milk from the same stalls.

I regret I did not shop in Redhill Farm shop in Bailgate, when I passed by it was busy, later when I passed by it was closed.

Lincoln hosts smallest farmers market in the country

January 11, 2019

At one stall, Lincoln can proudly lay claim to the smallest farmers market in the country.

The farmers market used to be held in the High Street, to be pedantic two different locations in the High Street, one week north of the level crossing, the following week south of the level crossing.

By swapping locations, guaranteed to ensure the market was never a success. A couple of stalls, maybe three, if very very lucky six.

It has now relocated to the side of the river, outside the side entrance to the Central Market, with little footfall, maybe out of sight, out of mind.

There is no information in the High Street to say the farmers market has relocated, therefore it is assumed it has finally collapsed.

Nor is there any information at its new location.

I found by pure chance.

I hoped last week to find the fruit and vegetable stall, but too late, it had already packed up and departed. I was in time to see a van for Redhill Farm departing.

In the week, I checked with Redhill  Farm shop in Bailgate and they confirmed, the farmers market had relocated.

Sincil Street has been trashed by the local Council in cahoots with the local Coop, the Central Market trashed by the local  Council, which guarantees very little footfall.

I found the regular Friday fruit and vegetable stall, this one stall is what constitutes a market in Lincoln, a market town, a bread stall, a disgusting doughnut stall and one stall for the farmers market.

At two o-clock, the one stall for the farmers market had already packed away his stock. I visited the fruit and vegetable stall. When I looked around, the guy running the stall had gone.

The doughnut stall should be kicked off. The stomach churning stench is guaranteed to kill any market.

Guildford farmers market

December 18, 2018

A day like last Saturday, windy and heavy rain. Luckily the rain held off until afternoon, then killed the market.

I learnt from one stall the market was open until four, but closed earlier due to the inclement weather.

A farmers market should be growers, farmers and producers. Non-producers only allowed at last minute if a spare pitch. It would also be worth following the example of South Bank Street Food Market, a couple of spare pitches reserved for guest stalls.

There is something very very wrong when producers are denied participation on the market, told fully booked, when pitches are taken by non-producers and on the day spare pitches where regulars or maybe not regulars have failed to turn up. All the worst when producers are local and have experience of other markets, where they are made welcome.

Stalls selling tat, an importer of Spanish foodstuffs, tea.

If something from a chiller cabinet is found on the shelves where it should not be in a supermarket, it is not put back in the chiller cabinet as not known how long it has been out of the chiller cabinet.

Why then a stall with poultry, turkeys, turkey sausages, the worst meat products to leave outside of a fridge, sitting on stall all day with temperature a little below 10C? Though not as bad as the summer when on a stall with temperatures exceeding 25C if not 30C.

Why no action by Environmental Health?

Talking to one cheese producer, cows the black and white bulk milk producers, I asked was the milk unpasteurised? No. Did I wish to buy? No. I did not ask were they using bought in cultures for the milk, or traditional methods for what was claimed to be Cheddar.

I can do no better than cite the excellent advice given by Bronwen Percival on buying cheese in an Appendix to Reinventing the Wheel (the book on cheese):

Buy unadulterated cheese … if a cheesemaker hides behind added ingredients, whether smoke, added fruits or spices … it is either a tragedy … or a sign their milk was devoid of character in the first place … Buy raw-milk cheese … Buy complex cheese … Buy from a cheesemonger … good cheesemongers are curators of good cheese.

We are fortunate in Guildford, excellent cheesemonger at end of Chapel Street.

One stall had 10% off vouchers for the cheesemonger, but objected to taking any on the grounds that I had taken a few off her stall before. Whilst this was true, I had given these away to encourage people to visit the cheesemonger. Not only had I given away, but at the time I had asked could I take more then one as I wished to give them away. Her attitude short sighted and infantile to say the least, as the only loser is the cheesemonger.

Cupsmith appear to have given up. No bad thing. Excellent coffee can be obtained in Guildford either from Krema in Tunsgate or FCB Coffee kiosk on Guildford Station. In both cases will be talking to baristas knowledgeable about coffee.

A long queue at the paella stall.

What looked like peanut butter was not. Very cloying when I tried. A nut, I cannot recall what, and added espresso. Did they mean coffee beans? Yes. If so, say so, espresso is from an espresso machine. Tasted not of coffee but of chocolate.

Engaging in one conversation, overhearing another, lack of knowledge on use of social media. To be fair, I would not expect otherwise.

One stall, was I going to tag on Instagram? Absolutely no way. Another how a food writer increased their sales. And no it was not me.

In use of social media, twitter is a must, facebook a very low second, instagram a major no no. Always post pictures direct to twitter, never via instagram. If posted via instagram, not visible on twitter.


  • claims ownership rights of pictures
  • acts as bait to entice into facebook walled garden
  • facebook business model theft and abuse of personal data
  • pictures posted to instagram not visible on twitter

Social media should never be used for marketing, it is an intrusion into personal space. It is not broadcast, the clue is in the name, social networks, ie interaction, many to many.

  • broadcast — one to many
  • social — interaction
  • network — many to many

A blog may be useful if have something worthwhile to say, if can write. For example a chocolate maker may describe bean to final product, direct trade, why use cocoa butter, not pad out with cheap alternatives such as palm oil, a cheesemaker rare breed cows, out on pastures, unpasteurised milk, a cake baker recipe for a cake.

The market was to be plastic free in 2019, except no one knows anything about it, and the very idea is being denied.

How many retailers will be around in the New Year?

House of Fraser bankrupt, Debenhams on the verge of bankruptcy, at least one coffee shop closing, others on the verge of closing, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill will close if unable to negotiate a lower rent, Tunsgate Quarter boarded up units, corporate chains selling overpriced tat, devoid of people other than those using as a short cut when raining.

Excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots in Jeffries Passage, the only business I ever see busy in Jeffries Passage. The coffee shop, three customers.

Excellent coffee in Krema. Like Ben’s Records next door, always busy.

Unlike chains which compete with on-line by cutting service, in other words engage in a death spiral, indie businesses offer quality in products and service.

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