The Strait - Peter Rooke

The Strait - Peter Rooke

Lincoln by Michael Jones and Peter Rooke is an excellent guide to the street scene in Lincoln, the ancient Roman city of Lindum Colonia, the county town of Lincolnshire. Text is by archaeologist Michael Jones and watercolours by artist Peter Rooke.

Following a brief introduction to Lincoln, we have a series of watercolours with accompanying text. The format is right-hand page a watercolour by Peter Rooke, with accompanying text by Michael Jones on the left-hand page. At the back of the book a more detailed description of Lincoln.

The book lacks a bibliography. Suggested further reading The City by the Pool by David Stocker (ed) (Oxbow Books, 2003).

Lincoln is an excellent companion to Lincoln by Ann Yeates-Langley.

Also recommended is Lincoln by David Vale.

Signed copy!

Top story in The Art Daily (Monday 10 January 2011)!

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