Cappuccino en La Cafeína

Several months ago a cappuccino in La Cafeína in La Laguna.  I have had bad coffee but never anything remotely this bad, it was disgusting.

They have moved, but still in La laguna. Had their coffee improved? Only one way to find out.

Ambience pleasant.  A queue out the door.

I asked for a cappuccino.  I was brought a jar of beans.

Over roasted.

A few jars later. I would not say a pleasant aroma,  but at least not bad. At a guess old.

I asked of roast date.

Roast date an alien concept.  Not a professional espresso machine

Cappuccino too hot.  Not as bad as I expected.  By low standard of Tenerife, reasonable.

Not of the standard of a cappuccino in 



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